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Sr. Ellen Rose Coughlin, SSJ


Anita Soltero
Cathy Russell

Assistant Director, Eastern Region

Assistant Director, Western Region

Diocesan LEAD

LEAD (Leadership For Evangelization and Discipleship) offers quality diocesan and regional events to support the varied work of parish ministers. These opportunities include spiritual, personal and professional development, networking and days of reflection. 

For a reasonable parish fee of $100, one person from the designated list of names may attend any LEAD event free of charge. Other designated leaders are encouraged to attend LEAD events, which may have a nominal fee attached depending on the event. 


Catechetical Institute Catechist Certification Workshops 

Eastern Region:

September 30th: Sacred Scripture: The Big Picture at Holy Cross Parish Center, 10-1pm
October 28th: The Vocation of the Catechist at Holy Cross Parish Center, 10-1pm 

Western Region:

September 30th: Sacred Scripture: The Big Picture at Fr. Amyot Parish Center, Norfolk, 9:30-11:30 
October 28th: The Vocation of the Catechist at St. Mary’s Social Hall, Massena, 9:30-11:30
October 29th: Child Catechetical Methodologies and Learning Styles: Going Deeper at Hearthside, SSJ Motherhouse, Watertown, 9:30-11:30

Catechist Certification Description: 

The Growth in Faith Program offers the theological and methodological formation necessary to achieve diocesan catechist certification.  See the brochure above for details. 
“Those called to the ministry of Catechesis, should be generous with their time and talent, open to deepening their understanding of the theology and methodology necessary for teaching and be able to communicate faith and knowledge effectively in both word and deed.” 

Catholic Bishops of NY State, The Catechist in the Third Millenium.

“Catechists are people who keep  the memory of God alive; they keep it alive in themselves and they are able to revive it in others.”  Pope Francis, Homily, 9/29/13.

Catechist Prayer 

Lord God, you are the source of all love,  
truth, and goodness. 
You are the source of my being  
and your word is the true path for my journey. 
Grant me the courage in live according to your word. 
Instill in my through the gift of your Holy Spirit, 
 the desire and the wisdom to share your love,  
your truth, and your goodness with those I serve. 
Help me use my time to better prepare myself for this sacred responsibility: 
For I need to offer myself in your service 
 with all of the patience, perseverance, and love  
that you have first shown to me. 
I ask no more than this, Lord, 
in the name of your Son and my Savior; Jesus Christ. 



Video 1 
Directory for Catechesis

Video 2 
A Sign of Vitality and Richness 

Video 3 
Fidelity to God and to Humanity

2023 Virtual Confirmation Retreat

God is not
done with you yet

2021 Virtual 
Confirmation Retreat

You Are Loved,
You Are Made 
For Greatness
Lending Library 

To borrow a book or DVD, for items in Plattsburgh (P), contact:   

Anita Soltero at 315-393-2920

To borrow a book or DVD from Ogdensburg (O), contact:

 Jessica Hargrave at 315-393-2920

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The Catechist's 
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Getting Started 
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Are you called to be a Catechist? 
See the attached PowerPoint presentation adapted from the book:  “A Catechist’s Toolbox”  by Joe Paprocki, published by Loyola Press

Tips for Keeping the Light of Faith Alive in Your Home

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