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Father Douglas A. Decker welcomed two new members into the Catholic Church when he baptized cousins Riley Rey-Ann Dukett and Jonathan Artemus Doane. Riley's parents are Mathew and Amanda Dukett, grandparents are Nancy and John Merrihew and Cindy and Scot Dukett, and Godparents were Rebecca (Dukett) Doane and Joseph Merrihew. Parents of Jonathan are Rebecca Dukett Doane and Jonathan Doane, grandparents are Cindy and Scot Dukett and James Doane and Susan Jones, and the Godparents were Amanda and Mathew Dukett. 

These Baptisms were held outside on the side lawn of St. Alphonsus Holy Name Parish. The outdoor baptism easily enabled social distancing for those attending. Father Decker's outdoor celebration also allowed for Riley and Jonathan's siblings, Alexis and Elowen, to enhance the celebration by ringing the giant bell on the side lawn.

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