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"There is nothing more beautiful than to be surprised by the Gospel, by the encounter with Christ. There is nothing more beautiful than to know him and to speak to others of our friendship with him." (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI)

The Church "exists in order to evangelize, that is to say in order to preach and teach, to be the channel of the gift of grace, to reconcile sinners with God, and to perpetuate Christ's sacrifice in the Mass, which is the memorial of his death and glorious resurrection." (EN14)

Evangelization is not just the ministry of a few people in the Church. It is not a specialization. Rather, it is the work of the entire Church and all its members.  "No believer in Christ, no institution of the Church can avoid this supreme duty: to proclaim Christ of all people." (RM3)  This is the essential aspect of evangelization: to tell the story of Christ and what he has done for us.

The Diocesan Office of Evangelization exists to assist parishes, groups and individuals to become aware of the need for evangelization and to empower every baptized Catholic to become a disciple who shares the faith with others.  Following the document of the US Bishops Go and Make Disciples, a National Plan and Strategy for Catholic Evangelization in the United States, the Office of Evangelization has three goals:

  • To bring about in all Catholics such an enthusiasm for their faith that, in living their faith in Jesus, they freely share it with others;
  • To invite all people in the United States, whatever their social or cultural background, to hear the message of salvation in Jesus Christ so they may come to join us in the fullness of the Catholic faith;
  • To foster gospel values in our society, promoting the dignity of the human person, the importance of the family, and the common good of our society, so that our nation may continue to be transformed by the saving power of Jesus Christ.

I invite all Christians, everywhere, at this very moment, to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ, or at least an openness to letting him encounter them; I ask all of you to do this unfailingly each day. No one should think that this invitation is not meant for him or her, since “no one is excluded from the joy brought by the Lord” (Pope Francis)

For more Information:

For more information about the Office of Evangelization, please browse the website, read our blog, follow us on Facebook or contact the Director for the Office of the New Evangelization Marika Donders at mdonders@rcdony.org.