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Considering Religious Life

Have you ever considered religious life as a sister, a nun or a brother? How do you discern if religious life may be where God is calling you? As we enter into the celebration of the Year of Consecrated Life, we will use this page to share information about religious life, discernment, different type of consecrated life, and other vocational information.If you have thought about religious life, one of the best places to start your discernment is to talk with those who are living consecrated life today. All communities have a vocation director who would love to talk to you about your vocation and share with you information about their community. Most communities have webpages where you can find basic information as well as connect with the vocation director of that community. For communities present in the Diocese of Ogdensburg click here. Another resource for religious life is the Vision Vocations Network.Over the next few weeks we will update this webpage with information about vocations, opportunities for vocation retreats, and other resources.

Different forms of Consecrated Life

Diocesan Council of Consecrated Life


All members of a religious community, secular institute, or society of apostolic life are invited to attend the meetings of the Council with the right of voice but not vote. The delegate members are elected or appointed by the members of his/her community who reside and/or serve in the Diocese. Communities with fewer than 11 members shall be represented by one delegate; communities with 11-20 members shall be represented by two delegates; communities with 21 or more members shall be represented by one delegate for each additional ten community members.          

Sr. Cindy Sullivan, BVM, President                                
_________________________, Vice President                                

Ex Officio Members:
Most Reverend Terry R. LaValley
Sr. Bernadette Marie Collins, SSJ
Community Delegates:                       
Sr. Norma Bryant, SSJ, Secretary                                
Sr. Elizabeth Menard, OP, Treasurer                                
Sr. Maria Flavia D’Costa, SCC                                
Sr. Janet Peters, RSM                                
Sr. Shirley Ann Brown, SSJ          


General meetings are held twice a year in the fall and spring. The fall meeting is held at the Bishop’s House.

Members are encouraged to hold at least one regional meeting during the year on a topic of interest.


-DVDs of the talks given at the 2017 LCWR National Conference are available from this office.
-DVDs of the talks given at the 2018 LCWR National Conference will be available in January.

The talks from the conference are also available on line if you would like a copy of any of them. Simply go to the LCWR website and look under “Assembly”.


Sister Bernadette Marie Collins
Episcopal Delegate for Religious

Jeannie Grizzuto, Secretary