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“Children Helping Children”

A Pontifical Mission Society

The Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) was founded in France in 1843 by Bishop Charles de Forbin Jansen to encourage children to be aware of the needs of children living in mission lands through the world. Today it is in 110 countries under its banner “children helping children”. Donations from schools and religious education programs help with the building of schools, health, nutrition programs, medications, school fees, teaching and learning resources, and religious education.  

MCA occurs throughout the school year and is facilitated through the Pontifical Mission Societies of the Diocese of Ogdensburg office.  We provide guest speakers, prayer programs, artwork contests, and physical materials geared towards spreading awareness and fostering missionary hearts in today’s youth.  

Teachers and Religious Education instructors are encouraged to contact us to order materials by calling 315-393-2920.  All materials are provided at no cost to you.    

Missionary Childhood Association (MCA Guidelines)

What you can expect:  

There will be visits to your school, scheduled when convenient, from real life missionaries or the Mission office director to discuss their real life mission  experiences.    The visit will include a brief video presentation.  The students get to interact.   MCA materials will be distributed.  Fundraising goals are suggested. The children will be encouraged to use prayer and sacrifice to achieve the goal of children helping children. 

What we expect:  

Fundraising efforts and learning about how children here can help children there is the key. A modest request of about $5 per student over the course of the school year is the goal of the Mission Office.   We know that the missionaries visiting you over the course of the year (typically twice) will check in to see how your progress is going. 

What we need:   

At the school year’s end, have your school secretary or bookkeeper forward  a check to the MCA offices, PO Box 369, Ogdensburg, NY 13369 for the funds raised during the school year.  Also, if you have photos of the students engaged in the      fundraising efforts the mission office uses photos in the promotion of the program in our newsletters, online and in the North Country Catholic. We will need all funds returned that have been raised for MCA during the school year to the Mission office by no later than July 1st of that school year’s end.  

Every penny can become a dollar.  Every dollar becomes something. “Children helping Children.”   That IS MCA 
OUR MCA GOAL:  $5.00 raised/student in our Catholic Schools 

$1.00               $2.00               $3.00               $4.00               $5.00

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