Roman Catholic 
Diocese of Ogdensburg

Missionary Cooperative Appeal– COOP 

Each summer, the Diocese of Ogdensburg invites into our one half of the Diocese approximately 16-20 mission aid societies to participate in our Mission Coop program.  One half of the Deaneries host missionaries from overseas.  Support of this program’s impact is felt around the globe.

Since the 1930’s, USA Dioceses implemented the Mission Coop.  Founded in the Archdiocese of Newark, its purpose was to send missionaries to solicit funds for their mission.   Pastors embraced this idea because it gave Mission Priests the ability to speak of missionary experience to promote a universal spirit.                             

In the Diocese of the Ogdensburg, Mission Coop takes place every summer from late June until early September.  A missionary will speak in the parish and a second collection is taken. Monies collected in the parishes are distributed to the societies by the year end.  

You will hear about their work for the Church, their stories, their challenges, and their successes. The missionaries increase awareness of the Church’s missionary activity and promote vocations. 

Please donate & carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth with support. Give generously.

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