Weekly Mission Column

Mission Column April 21, 2022

Lenity Project Updates

Sister Cindy Sullivan and the Lenity Project are one of the groups that our Diocese supports through our yearly Mission Cooperative Appeal.  They work to help the poor and marginalized in Ecuador.  Below are excerpts from their newsletter, the Working Families Gazette, about their ongoing activities.  

From the desk of Madre Miguel             

There is a tradition among us who are creating the new Working Families Foundation.  We wait every year for the Easter Bunny to show up with baskets for the kids to reward their Lenten sacrifices.              

This year he showed up unexpectedly, so the kids got to interview him.  Since he is a well-known celebrity, they sat down with him for a little conversation.              

Of course, they asked him how the virus had affected the rabbits in the land of Eternal Springtime, where the Easter Bunny lives.  He was quick to explain to them that, since the rabbits don’t have a lot of the bad habits that humans do, there wasn’t even a single case of contamination there.              

He said that the Land of Eternal Springtime is 100% environmentally friendly.  It is filled with flowers, fruits, trees, grasses, animals, and big white clouds of hope.  It rains sometimes, but it is a friendly and necessary rain, making things healthy and happy.  All the rabbits there get on with one another and live in peace.  Of course, the kids asked if they might go there with him since things are not so good here right now.  But the Easter Bunny explained to them that every place can be a land of springtime and happiness.  Such things depend on everyone making an effort to get along with everyone else.  Although a few eyes rolled at that suggestion, the general consensus was that it was a good idea.              

After the interview, just in case the carrot crop in the land of Eternal Springtime hadn’t been as good as usual, the kids gave the Easter Bunny carrots he could carry home to his buddies.  Baby Santiago David was generous enough to offer the rabbit what was left of the carrot he had been chewing on during the program.   

Dear Friends, Ecuador is the land of Eternal Spring!  Here, Spring is in the air.  New Hope, new beginnings, new feelings of gratitude to all of you who keep our work surviving through thick and thin.  Poverty and crime in Ecuador have increased as people were not able to work.  Jobs are still not plentiful.  Many struggle to even survive.  Our mission is so important to give these families a chance to become the agents change for others.  Your help makes this all happen.  You should feel that Spring in your step as you realize how much your help is appreciated.  Happy Spring!  Madre Cindy