Mission Column

Mission Column September 21, 2022

One of the Family

This week we will share some updates from the Lenity Project of their many programs in Quito, Ecuador.  Lenity Project is one of the organizations that is supported through our yearly Missionary Cooperative Appeal.   

Dear Folks, Joyous greetings from the Working Families Foundation (WFF) here in New York, down in Virginia, and in Quito, Ecuador.  From all three sites we look up and down and around the globe and see a huge variety of good works going on.  It’s obvious that Jesus’s life in us is very much alive and well.  

It's Dark and raining a lot, even hailing around the WFF here in South Quito.  But we can blind ourselves to the cloudy atmosphere because our population of new members at the Foundation is growing steadily.  Of course, we’re all a bit “crowded” in the old school we’re renting until we become rich big property owners.  Our growing population is good news because it means that word is getting around that we can be trusted to infiltrate the ranks of the poor with programs of help that demand their participation in the struggle for their own prosperity.  We are really on the way.  We can feel God’s providence in the shower of your generosity.  Oh!  How much we love your money!  We want you to get and were badges that say: “Proud to be benefactors of WFF through Lenity.  -Father John Halligan, S.J. 

Wow!  I don’t know about you, but this summer seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye.  Soon the leaves will be turning, and the glorious colors of Fall will take our breath away.  The beauty of the array of colors and reflections on the waterways raise one’s spirits.  You all raise our spirits with your continued generous support of our Foundation in Quito.  In Quito they don’t have any change in the seasons, but their spirits get raised knowing that you are helping them help themselves.  Thank you from all our families in Quito.  -Madre Cindy 

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