Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York



Dear Friends,

In spite of the many uncertainties of life on this earth, we embark upon our journey into the future with confident hope and real excitement. As a family of faith, the people of the Diocese of Ogdensburg generously support one another from one generation to the next. In March 2007, the people of the North Country were offered a powerful means of “Building a Bridge for the Future” in the Church’s mission when The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg, NY, Inc. was incorporated. As a publicly supported charitable organization, legally separate from the Diocese of Ogdensburg, its mission is to financially assist the spiritual, educational and social needs of our Diocese.

As sisters and brothers who are faithful to God and our Church, each of us is called to respond to the needs of our neighbors, witnessing to love in action. I invite each of you to share your blessings to help others and pass our cherished faith on to future generations. You and I are the only ones who can do this. The Foundation offers such a way.

Due to the extraordinary generosity of the people of the North Country, the Foundation continues to grow. This is a testament to the many donors who have established endowments. Future generations will look back with much gratitude, as we reflect on the generosity of our ancestors who built the churches in which we worship and the schools where our children and grandchildren are educated. Our children’s children, down through future generations will be appreciative of the foresight of today’s generous benefactors of The Foundation.

I am grateful to all those individuals, living and deceased, who have established endowments in The Foundation to support the work of the Church. I am also most appreciative of those pastors who have established endowments to benefit their respective parishes and schools.

It is with great hope that I look ahead to the future aware of the impact that will come from funds administered by The Foundation. I pray that after you have reviewed this brochure, you, too, will want to be part of “Building a Bridge for the Future” in the Diocese of Ogdensburg and the North Country. As your new Bishop, I look forward to our common journey to the Father, united by strong faith and determination to follow Jesus as sisters and brothers.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Terry R. LaValley
Bishop of Ogdensburg