The Office of the New Evangelization offers a series of workshops to help parishes and groups to form intentional disciples.  The goal is to help people encounter Jesus Christ and choose to follow him, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life so that others can encounter his love through them.    

Below are some workshops that are available.  We can also create workshops on themes to meet your parish or group's particular needs.

Eucharist and The Call to Discipleship

Why do we go to Mass? Yes, we go to Mass to worship him, and to receive him and receive the graces we need.  But then we are sent out into the World. Go, and share the good news. At the end of every Mass we are being sent out to evangelize, to bring Christ into the world.  How else will those who never come to Church encounter Jesus, if they do not encounter Him in us?   This is a two-hour workshop/presentation for anyone in the parish, to encourage them to be transformed by the Mass into Missionary Disciples.      

Hospitality:  More than Coffee and Donuts

A three-hour workshop, suitable for a Saturday morning, for those who lead ministries and apostolates in the parish.  This workshop is for anyone who wants to create a more hospitable and inviting environment where active, occasional and future parishioners can encounter Christ in word and sacrament, in the community of faith, and in each other.


The Gifted Disciple  Part I   

An approximately 90-minute workshop (about an hour talk plus half an hour to take a charism inventory) for those active in ministry to begin to learn what charisms are and to begin to discern their own charisms.      

It is recommended that there be at least a month long break between Parts 1 and 2 for participants to "try on" one of the charisms suggested by the charism inventory.     

The Gifted Disciple Part II 

An approximately 90-minute workshop connecting charisms with our personal vocation and collaboration.


Marika Donders, the Director of the Office of Evangelization is available to give talks and presentation on a wide variety of topics related to Evangelization.  Some of these talks and presentation are elements of workshops or retreats that can function as stand alone presentations.  Others are specifically created as stand-alone presentations.  As always, if you have a particular theme or need, presentations can be created specifically for your parish or group.  

Lent: Spring Cleaning for the Soul     

Social Media and Technology: A presentation for parents    

My Story of Faith: Transitions in Prayer    

Evangelization and Public Policy: The Church in the Public Square    

Evangelization and the Family: Your Marriage is your project for the World    

Discipleship in Three Stories of Mark    

Evangelization and the Woman at the Well    

Spirituality of Leadership