Physical Address for Buildings:

Brzana Building located at 622 Washington Street
Spratt Building located at 604 Washington Street
Loverde Building located at 100 Elizabeth Street

Hours of Operation:

Normal Business Hours: 8:15am - 4:00pm
July 1st through Labor Day: 8:15am - 3:30pm

Written Communications:

Diocesan Offices
PO Box 369
622 Washington Street
Ogdensburg, NY 13669
Phone: 315-393-2920
Fax: 1-866-314-7296

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Staff Listing

Aucoin, Msgr. Robert
Episcopal Vicar, Education 

Brett, Sister Mary Ellen, SSJ
Director, Pontifical Mission Societies 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1360

Carney, Lorraine
Clerical Assistant of Development Office and 
Assistant Diocesan Receptionist
315-393-2920 Ext: 1332 a.m.
                       Ext: 1311 p.m.
Carrara, Father Christopher
Episcopal Vicar for Clergy
Director, Vocations
Director, Seminarians 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1340

Caughey, Michael
Maintenance Director
315-393-2920  Ext: 1305

Collins, Sister Bernadette, SSJ
Episcopal Delegate for Religious
315-393-2920 Ext: 1430

Conger, Reverend Matthew
Associate Vocations Director
315-782-2468 Ext: 7

Coughlin, Sister Ellen Rose, SSJ
Superintendent, Education
Director, Christian Formation 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1400 

Crowley, Deacon James
Delegate to Pastoral Ministers
Director of the Office Public Information
Director of the Office of Cemeteries
Archives Director, Prison Ministry
315-393-2920  Ext: 1310

Donahue, Karen
Assistant Superintendent of Schools
315-393-2920  Ext: 1402

Donahue, Deacon Patrick 
Diocesan Director, Catholic Charities 

Donaldson, Kathleen
Diocesan Coordinator Office of Parish Audit
and Financial Support Services
315-393-2920 Ext: 1214

Donders, Marika
Director of Office of New Evangelization
Director, Young Adult Ministry 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1380
Direct Line: 315-605-1029

Drollette, Deacon John 
Director of Deacon Formation

Fargo, Darcy 
Director of Communications
315-393-2920  Ext: 1370
Direct Line: 315-608-7556

Fawcett, Ian
Information Technology Coordinator 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1390
Direct Line: 315-605-1025

Garrison, Peggy
Senior Diocesan Accountant 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1212

Giroux, Reverend Garry B.
Judicial Vicar, Tribunal 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1320

Coordinator, Parish Audits and Fiscal Support Services
315-393-2920  Ext. 1214
Direct Line: 315-605-1090

Grizzuto, Jean
Secretary, Youth Ministry
Secretary, Safe Environment 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1413

Grizzuto, Renee
Secretary of the Bishop
(315) 393-2920 ext. 1201

Hargrave, Jessica
Secretary, Faith Formation Office
Secretary, Formation for Ministry
Secretary, Vocations
(315) 393-2920 ext. 1451

Kimble, Gidget 
Supervisor, Data Processing Center 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1351

Ladouceur, Heather
Office Assistant, Fiscal 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1215

Lalone, Scott
Executive Director, Development 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1330

Lalonde, Victoria
Secretary, Education
315-393-2920  Ext: 1411
Direct Line: 315-605-1089

LaValley, Bishop Terry
Bishop, Bishop's Office
315-393-2920  Ext: 1201

Lyng, Sister Mary Eamon 
Diocesan Vocations Coordinator
315-393-2920  Ext: 1341

Mashaw, Mark
Diocesan Fiscal Officer, Fiscal 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1210
Direct Line: 315-605-1031

Mastellon, Deacon Kevin
Director, Permanent Deacons

Mathews, Valerie
Assistant Director, Development
Director, Bishops Fund and Stewardship 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1331

Miner, Colleen
Director, Respect Life 

Michael, Alexis
315-393-2920, Ext. 1361
Fax: 1-866-314-7296

Morgan, Reverend Joseph, V.G
Vicar General, Bishop's Office

Morrison, Jim
Insurance Claims and Risk Manager 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1230
Direct Line: 315-605-1028

Morrison, John
Director of Safe Environment
Charter Compliance Coordinator
315-393-2920, Ext. 1440

O'Brien, Father Kevin
Moderator of the Curia
Episcopal Vicar of Administration 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1300

Pietropaoli, Angelo
Director, Natural Family Planning 

Pratt, Tina
Data Processing Operator
315-393-2920 Ext: 1352

Reynolds, Rita
Claims Representative, Insurance 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1231
Direct Line: 315-605-1088

Rocker, Mary Jo
Diocesan Receptionist, Diocesan Administration 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1301

Ruddy, Karen
Diocesan Accountant, Fiscal 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1213

Russell, Catherine
Assistant Director of Faith Formation, Western Regional Office
Formation for Ministry Coordinator
315-393-2920  Ext: 1450

Ryan, Molly
Tribunal Office Manager 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1321

Smithers, LouEllen
Cook/Housekeeper, Bishop's House
315-393-2920  Ext: 1505

Snover, Kimberly
Director, Human Resources 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1211
Direct line: 315-605-1091

Soltero, Anita
Youth Ministry Director and 
Assistant Director of Education for Faith Formation and Catholic Schools

Stitt, Father Bryan
Director of Worship, Catholic Scouting
315-393-2920 Ext: 1220

Tartaglia, Stephen
Director of Family Life
315-393-2920  Ext: 1420 

Ward, Christine
Editorial Assistant, North Country Catholic 
315-393-2920  Ext: 1371 
Direct Line: 315-608-7556