Roman Catholic 
Diocese of Ogdensburg

Church Swap Shop

Item: Brand-new Barbiconi Clerical shirts
Size:   European sizes with approximate American equivalency. They do not have a sleeve length listed on the long sleeve shirts                 
38 Collar (14.5) Long Sleeve [4 Shirts available]                 
39 Collar (15) Short Sleeve [12 Shirts available]                 
46 (18) Long Sleeve [19 Shirts available]
Current Location:  St. Mary's - Canton
Contact:  ​: Sarah - Parish Office: 315-386-2543
Cost: Free

Item: Beautiful Wooden Altar 70" L x 30" W x 41" H
Current Location:  St. Mary's - Evans Mills
Contact:  ​: Kareta Olshfski at 315-629-4678
Cost: Donation  
Available:  Until August 31st
Other Info:  Beautiful wooden altar with altar stone. Was at St. Rita's Church in Deferiet, NY 

Item: Pews from St. Paul’s in Pyrites 
125” long, 36” high, 18” deep 
Current Location: Canton, NY 
Paul Schrems 
Cost: $100 each

Item: Allen Organ
Current Location:  St. Raymond's Church in Raymondville
Fr. Shane Lynch
Cost: Donation
Other Info: Brad from Allen organs stated, "If another church wants it, we can provide relocation/reinstallation services if required as well."