Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

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Rising from the ashes, we begin our journey of healing through the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Reconciliation is a truly amazing and dynamic Holy Sacrament.

 Yes, it’s true that God offers us his unyielding love through Reconciliation as we “confess our sins” but, did you know, that there is a “healing grace” that God offers us during this Sacrament?  Yes, a healing grace!  When we turn our pain, our daily challenges, our suffering, and our inadequacies over to God, we let go and we are shown our “true selves”.  We are shown the person/s that God intended us to be.  As we adopt God’s vision for us through this turning over of our lesser selves, we become closer and closer to God.  As we draw closer to God, we experience his love and peace in a profound way!

Since both retreats begin around lunch time, we will be offering snacks and drinks. 

You may bring your own lunch or have a lunch before attending the retreat.


To see the schedule for each location, please click here: 2019 Schedule website

I encourage you to attend this fun, enlightening and spiritual one day retreat as we explore our connection to God through the Healing Grace of Reconciliation.

 If you would like more information regarding the Lenten Retreats please contact:

Tom Semeraro, Director of Youth Ministry at, 315-393-2920 ext. 1415