Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

Do campers need to be Catholic to attend Camp Guggenheim?
All campers are welcome at Guggenheim without regard to creed, race, color, or national origin. Throughout camp sessions, we encourage campers to live the Gospel message of kindness and love. Faith issues are discussed in a relaxed and caring atmosphere, with sensitivity to and respect for the religious affiliations of individual campers. We share morning and night prayer together and celebrate a Catholic liturgy each day.

Are non-Catholic campers expected to attend liturgies?
Yes!!! The celebration of liturgy is perhaps the single most important community-building event during each camp day. The presence of all campers is important! The vibrant, dynamic faith community of teens actually help to plan these liturgies that are especially meaningful to their peers. Naturally, we respect the individual faith traditions of non-Catholic campers in the context of these activities.

I really LOVE camp, can I attend more than one session?
Campers should only attend one week. If you would like to attend an additional week, please contact the youth office at (315)393-2920.

How do I get to camp? Click here to get directions or click here for printable directions.

What is the address at camp? Camp Guggenheim, 1468 County Route 18, Saranac Lake, NY 12983 or P.O. Box 664, Saranac Lake, NY 12983

Do campers need to have a physical examination by a doctor prior to attending camp?
Yes, the physical needs to be within one year of attending camp. We do accept school physicals.

My son/daughter has special medical and/or dietary needs. Who should I talk to?
Please contact the Camp Medical Director or the Camp Director at (518)891-3323 to review these needs prior to the camper's arrival. In addition, be sure to note these special needs on the campers health form.

My son/daughter is a smoker. Can he/she smoke at Camp as long as I give my permission?
No. State and Federal laws stipulate that teens under the age of 18 cannot legally possess tobacco products. No smoking or tobacco products are allowed at Guggenheim. Since all of our camp sessions include campers who are under this age limit, no smoking is permitted. Our staff members also abide by this rule, for consistency's sake. If a teen chooses to smoke despite this rule, we will be forced to ask him/her to call home, and request a ride home immediately.

Can you promise me that I'll be able to room with all of my friends?
At Camp Guggenheim we encourage you to meet new people and to make new friends. We will try to honor a roommate request if you are attending Guggenheim for the first time. Your request must be sent in with your registration form, and you must request a placement with someone who is nearly your age. Typically, you will be placed with just one person that you've suggested to us, if we're able to accommodate the request. Remember however, that you'll spend very little of your time in your room, leaving all kinds of time for you to spend with your friends, new and old

We're going to be late arrivals at Camp. Who should we contact?
Thanks for letting us know. It's especially important for the Summer Staff to know about when you will be arriving so that we can welcome your son/daughter, and get him/her off to a great start. (If the contact is being made close to the date of the campers arrival please have them call camp directly (518-891-3323); otherwise, a note from you does the trick for us... ...Thanks!)

What is rappelling? What safety precautions are taken?
Rappelling is a High Adventure activity that campers participate in under the direction of specially trained staff members. Rappelling enables campers that are harnessed and attached to a climbing and a safety (belay) rope to descend the 40' cliff that is located in the camp's adventure area. Rock climbing uses a similar safety system, and provides campers with the challenge of climbing up a cliff at a different location. Campers are safety harnessed and attached to a belay system that is given a staff member's constant attention while a camper is climbing or rappelling. All equipment meets industry specifications, and staff members receive annual safety training. Parents are encouraged to inquire further at camp if they have further questions.

If I check yes for rappelling on the release form, does that mean that my camper must participate?
Certainly not! Participation in all adventure activities at Camp Guggenheim is based on the Challenge By Choice philosophy. Campers choose the level of adventure that they're comfortable participating in! Signing the release form simply enables the camper to participate in these activities if he/she chooses to sign up for them.

How old do you have to be to go rappelling?
Our older campers are given priority for rock climbing and rappelling. Younger campers are welcome to participate on a space-available basis. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate all campers that are interested during each session. Our hope is that campers will indeed have the opportunity during their camping career.

Can campers who live outside of the Diocese of Ogdensburg attend Camp Guggenheim?
Absolutely!  While most of our campers do come from the Diocese of Ogdensburg, there are no requirements for residence within the diocese.