Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

Among those leading youth ministry on the parish level, it is essential they possess a certain level of knowledge of the

Faith and understanding of and working with youth. To assist youth ministers in gaining that knowledge and experience,

the diocese has established the Youth Minister Certification Program.

Requirements for Youth Minister Certification:

1. Be at least eighteen years of age.

2. Completion of Diocesan Virtus program and background check.

3. Completion of Diocesan Growth in Faith, Catechist Certification (51 Hours)

4. Completion of Youth Ministry Courses

Candidates for YM Certification are encouraged to discuss with the appropriate Diocesan Department head to determine if prior education or life experience qualifies for credit for particular courses. The Director of Diocesan Faith Formation is responsible to determine this for the Catechist Certification Program and the Director of the Office of Youth Ministry for the Youth Ministry Track.

Certificate of Recognition: Those completing the eight required courses for the Youth Ministry Track will receive a “Youth Ministry Certificate of Recognition.”

Once certified, the youth minister is required to participate annually in the diocesan youth ministry network and complete 3 hours in pre-approved courses or programs or youth ministry events such as:

1. Diocesan Youth Rally or regional youth events.

2. National March for Life.

3. Diocesan youth ministry retreats or conferences.

4. Youth ministry programs or courses offered by recognized Catholic youth ministry education providers.

Youth Minister Certification Courses

Course 1: Overview of Current USCCB Document on Youth

Course 2: Evangelizing Youth in Today's Culture

Course 3: Communicating With Youth & Parents

Course 4: Discussing Faith and Morals with Youth in a Secular Culture

Course 5: The Youth Minister as Model of Mission and Apologetics

Course 6: The Youth Minister as Model of Prayer and Worship

Course 7: Best Practices for Youth Ministry

Course 8: Staying Current, Connected and Energized!


For more information please contact: Tom Semeraro Director of Youth Ministry

tsemeraro@rcdony.org or 315-393-2920 ext. 1415