Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

Virtus Training Requirements

I. Who should be trained with Virtus?
1. All priests, deacons, and religious who work in the Diocese of Ogdensburg
2. Anyone who is in direct contact with minors
3. Anyone who has limited contact with minors

II Who should receive continuing training?
1. All priests and deacons
2. All youth ministry directors, paid or volunteer
3. All catechetical leaders, paid or volunteer
4. All Catholic school principals and teachers
5. All paid personnel who have contact with minors
6. All Virtus facilitators
7. Other unpaid personnel (volunteers) are encouraged to continue their training, but are not required to do so.
8. This training my be done online or in print

III Who should receive printed versions of continuing training?
All those mentioned in II, 1-6 who do not have Internet access.

IV What are the expectations for continuing training?
1. Each person mentioned above should be reviewing the training monthly online by going to the Virtus website: www.virtus.org and logging on with the password developed by each individual who registered on line. Each person needs to go under MY TRAINING TAB and read the bulletin for the month
2. All priests have two bulletins to read (a) Protecting God’s Children for Adults and (b) Best Practices
3. Facilitators have three bulletins to read (a) Protecting God’s Children for
Adults (b) Best Practices and a (c) Facilitators bulletin
4. For those who do not have computer access – a .pdf version will be sent to the pastor each month. This can be copied for those without a computer.
Those required (II, 1-6) to participate in ongoing training, who do not have a computer, should return the printed copy with the question answered correctly. The completed forms should be placed in each individual’s personnel file in the parish, available for future compliance audits.

A review of how to register for training sessions:
1. A schedule of upcoming trainings can be found at virtus.org
2. Online pre-registration is required
3. All registration must be completed 3 days prior to the program

Background checks:
All employees and volunteers who work with youth must have a background check in order to minister in the parish. Pastors have received directions on how to conduct a background checks.