Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

The Church has always called the faithful to a life of holiness. At baptism, we each are commissioned to this life of holiness and a mission for the kingdom. The question becomes do you really believe you are called to holiness, a deeply personal relationship with Jesus? Do you really believe you have a God given mission to accomplish in life?

Many of us experience a dis-satisfaction in life, an emptiness, a feeling that there has to be more in life. St. Augustine recognized this as a restlessness of heart that will not be satisfied until the heart rests in God. Matthew Kelly refers to it as the “God hole.” No matter how hard we try to fill it up with all kinds of things, we just cannot. Our call to holiness is a call to love and a call to happiness. We can only be happy when we are in relationship to God and fulfilling our mission for the kingdom.