Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York



Statistics for 2020 Directory

The Diocese of Ogdensburg, covering an area of 12,036 square miles, was established by Pope Pius IX on February 16, 1872.

The diocese is comprised of 84 parishes and 3 mission parishes made up of 102 worship sites, 20 parochial oratories, 2 high schools, 9 elementary schools and 1 nursing home. Catholics are served by 49 active diocesan priests, 8 priests belonging to religious institutions, 7 priests belonging to other dioceses. We have 36 retired and disabled diocesan priests serving in various capacities including as far as Bolivia. The Archdiocese for Military Services provides 3 priests to serve Fort Drum. We are blessed with 85 permanent deacons, 2 religious brothers, 75 religious sisters and 818 commissioned lay ministers.

The Catholic population in the Diocese is 87,862, nearly 21% of the total population within the Diocese.