Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

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General Information

The Bronze Pelican Emblem is a recognition given by the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting, to the men and women who have made notable contributions to the development of Catholic youth in the Boy Scout programs. The emblem may be presented to any adult who is working in the Scouting program under Catholic auspices or Catholic adults working with Scout units not under Catholic auspices. It may also be presented to Catholic lay people, priests, religious, or even non-Catholics, who have made a significant contribution to Catholic Scouting.

Recipients must be exemplary adults, and those who are Catholic must have the approval of their pastors. Units or parishes may recommend candidates for the emblem. Also recommendations can be made by the parish Scout committee, by the pastor, or by individuals or groups who are familiar with the candidate's accomplishments.

Nominations should be submitted on the "Bronze Pelican Emblem Nomination form," available from the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting in Ogdensburg. Recommendations should carefully detail how the candidate meets the selection guidelines.

Recipients are selected by the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting and emblems are presented by the Bishop at the Diocesan Catholic Scout Gathering.

The Bronze Pelican Emblem is a diocesan recognition which is normally presented several years before the national St. George Emblem.