Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

FEMM is the health class you never had. The health care you deserve.

Did you know that your reproductive health effects your overall health?

FEMM education provides you with the information necessary to understand what is normal and healthy about your cycle, so that you can make informed choices. Learn the science of your body and detect potential health issues as they arise. FEMM calculates your unique data. Use the FEMM app to avoid pregnancy or achieve pregnancy or just chart your cycle.

Only 3% of women worldwide could recognize normal or abnormal signs of their reproductive health, and identify ovulation - a key sign of hormonal health. 

The *free* FEMM iPhone charting app is available on the App Store. 

Online: www.femmhealthy.org 

Email:  femm@femmhealth.org 

Phone:  1-212-585-0757

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