Roman Catholic 
Diocese of Ogdensburg

Other offices

Crowley, Deacon James
315-393-2920  Ext: 1310 

Data Processing
Kimble, Gidget
Supervisor, Data Processing Center
315-393-2920  Ext: 1351
Pratt, Tina
Data Processing Operator - IT Support
315-393-2920  Ext. 1352

Deacon Formation
Aucoin, Msgr. Robert
Director of Deacon Formation

Garrison, Peggy
Senior Diocesan Accountant
315-393-2920  Ext: 1212
Donaldson, Kathleen
Coordinator, Parish Audits and Fiscal Support Services
315-393-2920  Ext. 1214
Ladouceur, Heather
Office Assistant, Fiscal
315-393-2920  Ext: 1215
Ruddy, Karen
Diocesan Accountant, Fiscal
315-393-2920  Ext: 1213
Tooley, Michael
Diocesan Fiscal Officer, Fiscal
315-393-2920  Ext: 1210

Human Resources
Snover, Kim
Director, Human Resources
315-393-2920  Ext: 1211 

Morrison, Jim
Insurance Claims and Risk Manager
315-393-2920  Ext: 1230
Reynolds, Rita
Claims Representative, Insurance
315-393-2920  Ext: 1231

Information Technology
Fawcett, Ian
Information Technology Coordinator
315-393-2920  Ext: 1390 

Caughey, Michael
Maintenance Director
315-393-2920  Ext: 1305 

Permanent Deacon
Mastellon, Deacon Kevin T.
Director, Permanent Deacon

Stitt, Father Bryan
Director of Worship
315-393-2920  Ext: 1220