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 June 10, 2020

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Big Changes to the Summer Mission Plans

As we are in the month of June, summer plans are being made.  As the world we live in now has changed so drastically, so have things in the Mission Office.    Ordinarily, we would be gearing up for our annual fund-raising efforts that divide our Diocese by Deaneries and share the Mission COOP and MPDO summer appeals.  Each half (west vs. east) alternates summers with our efforts to raise much needed funds for our Mission Lands.  These annual collections and appeals are very different in the way they are carried out but have similar outcomes:  to send help where help is always needed.

By now, you are all obviously aware of the many ways that Covid19’s pandemic has impacted our Church.  It has impacted how we worship but not why we worship.  So many plans are cancelled or postponed such as Sacraments, Camp Guggenheim, and parish events.   Yet, we must persevere.  This Summer, our Missionary Cooperation Program (COOP) is cancelled due to the pandemic with swift action taken by the National Offices of the Pontifical Mission Societies for our safety,  Coop missionaries often travel here from mission lands.  Once here they are guests of our local parishes, speak in our churches, interact with local parishioners, and leave a lasting impact on the communities that host them.  This is just not possible in 2020.  So, the Mission Office has come up with a new plan.

This summer, the Missionary Projects of the Diocese of Ogdensburg annual collection will take place Diocese -wide on the weekend of July 25-26.  As the weekend of the collection approaches and we get a better understanding of how and when we can return to church together, more details will become available.  For now, please keep the Mission Office in your prayers.  The 2020 MPDO collection will be used to help with a number of causes this year both near and far.  It will support missionary priests and religious who work here in our diocese,  it will continue to support the Church in Latin America, it will further our solidarity efforts in the Diocese of Latakia, provide continued support for our former mission parish in Mollendo, Peru and lastly will help any other mission project throughout the world that Bishop Terry LaValley  deems appropriate as part of our evangelization efforts. 

Maybe we cannot be together, but together we can make all the difference….

These will be the words that guide our MPDO Collection in 2020.  We have so many causes that need our help.  The mission office sends our prayers to you all.  We pray for an end to this terrible pandemic, for peace on Earth, and good health for all.  God bless us!  Thank you.  

Please remember “The Society for the Propagation of the Faith” when writing or changing your Will.

About Us:

The Missions:  An Overview of What the Pontifical Mission Societies Do….

Say “mission” today and most think of Africa and Asia, of faraway places where the poor hear the “Good News” of Jesus and experience the Lord’s great love through the work and witness of missionaries. But a century ago, the “Missions” were right here at home, and missionaries from Europe proclaimed the Gospel and served the poor on our shores, all motivated by the command of Jesus to “go, make disciples of all nations.”

The Pontifical Mission Societies are:   The Society for the Propagation of the Faith, The Society of St. Peter Apostle, Holy Childhood Association and Missionary Union of Priest and Religious.

I would like to present some frequently asked questions about the Pontifical Mission Societies.  Both the questions and responses in this column are part of a number of Frequently Asked Questions that are found the Pontifical Mission Society webpage:

Where are the Pontifical Mission Societies located?

National offices exist in more than 120 countries around the world including the United States. Central administrative offices are located in Rome, Italy, under the direction of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. The national office of the Pontifical Mission Societies in the United States is located in New York City. The national director is Father Andrew Small. In addition, every diocese in the United States has a diocesan director who is appointed by the Bishop of that diocese.

What makes the Pontifical Mission Societies unique from other mission organizations?  According to the teaching of Vatican Council II, the Pontifical Mission Societies are institutions of the Universal Church and of each local church. Therefore, unlike any other mission organization, the Pontifical Mission Societies are both pontifical and Episcopal in nature. And, as such, the Pontifical Mission Societies are recognized as the principal instrument for educating the faithful to an awareness of the Church’s universal mission and for encouraging their support, in prayer and sacrifice, for the evangelizing mission of the Church among two-thirds of the human family.Perhaps these were questions you wondered about and are now answered for you!  Maybe you never even thought about such questions but hopefully enjoyed learning a bit about the Missions.

Mission Office Board of Trustees

The Pontifical Mission Societies of the
Diocese of Ogdensburg
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2020-2021 Board Members  

Most Reverend Terry R. LaValley
Rev. Kevin O’Brien, Moderator of the Curia
Rev. Joseph Morgan
Mr. James Crowley
Sister Mary Ellen Brett, SSJ
Reverend Jay Seymour
Mrs. Janice Shoen
Sister Cindy Sullivan, BVM

Help the Missions

To Help The Missions You Can:

 Pray Daily For The Church's Missionary Work - Our Father * Hail Mary * Glory Be *St. Francis Xavier, pray for us.* St. Thérèse of Lisieux, pray for us

Offer Your Personal Sacrifice - your pain, your loneliness, your anxiety, your sickness or sadness - in union with the sufferings of the crucified Christ for the redemption of the world

Give generously on World Mission Sunday - annually, the next-to-last Sunday of October
Remember the Missions when writing or changing your Will

Offer regular help through mail or parish appeals to your Diocesan Mission Director- Sister Mary Ellen Brett, SSJ

To donate now you can click the donate button below and donate online or you can send a donation or email a request for a donor package at no charge to the address below the Donate button:

Donors can donate to:

Lent Appeal, Christmas Appeal, St. Peter Apostle Appeal, Missionary Projects of the Diocese of Ogdensburg Collection, Unrestricted Gift

Suggested donations:  $10   $25   $40   $75   $100 

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith
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Thank you and God Bless

Checks make payable to The Society for the Propagation of the Faith.



In 1951, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen created the World Mission Rosary. Each decade of the World Mission Rosary represents a different area of the world where missionaries continue to share the Good News of Jesus.

Green for the families of Africa
Red for the families of the Americas
White for the families of Europe
Blue for the families of Oceania
Yellow for the families of Asia

To pray the World Mission Rosary, reflect on each area of the world according to the particular color bead described above at the time you announce each Mystery. When you have completed the World Mission Rosary, you have given the World a big hug!

Lenten 2019 Director Message

The beautiful and familiar “Peace Prayer” attributed to Saint Francis of Assisi concludes,“

…it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.”    That timely Lenten prayer touches the core of the Catholic Faith and offers us a threefold Lenten meditation on charity, forgiveness, and resurrection!   The Pontifical Mission Societies are the Pope’s chief representatives in supporting the Church in the Missions. This is the greatest of all apostolates to the poor and the needy. We feel a new energy and great zeal in hoped to maximize the gifts of the faithful in America. When we all follow the Lenten expectation to “give up” something, we provide for the mission Church from Africa to Asia, from Oceania to Latin America.

It is now Lent, a very serious season for some very serious action by all Christians. Will you please consider a gift for the missions so that you may receive peace! Would you pardon someone’s offences, that Almighty God may pardon yours! Would you offer a prayer for the needy in the missions so that they by the power of Christ’s Cross, may one day be born to eternal life!

“Give it up for Lent,” they say. Yes, and give it to God by way of His most needy. Such Charity and Goodness literally goes to the ends of the earth. In this the year of upcoming “Extraordinary Mission Month” in October, may the Lord bless you and your loved ones as we prepare for both the Easter season and our pending celebration of missionaries. Through you, may He do the same for countless souls far away.


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