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Mission accomplished: A Tale of Truck for a Town in Peru.

In the Spring of 2015, the Mission Office started to plan for its annual summer appeals and collections.  It was brought to our attention by a number of local priests, some of whom had recently visited our former Mission Church in Mollendo, Peru that their parish truck had indeed seen better days.  Through some investigation, we discovered that their parish truck was in excess of 30 years old.  With pictures they forwarded at our request, we could see the deterioration, the rust and obvious wear to this poor old truck.  Mollendo is a rugged, mountainous terrain with a volatile climate.  Any vehicle would be put to the test there so you can imagine the condition of a very old truck used daily with millions of miles must be like!

The Missionary Projects of the Diocese of Ogdensburg collection came to answer to their need.  The MPDO collection is held at the end of July every summer.  One of the collection’s purposes is to provide continued financial support of our former mission parish in Mollendo, Peru.   Timing is everything so the Mission office found a focus for its Summer 2015 MPDO collection.  It was to help San Martin De Porras Church purchase a new truck.

A promotion for the truck ensued.  The collection was held.  It was initially slow to come to fruition.  Yet a miracle occurred. Prayers were answered, sacrifices were made, gifts of love and resource came through, and even a birthday party was held with a purpose:  no gifts – just help buy the truck. 

As the financial books closed, we could not believe our eyes.  Prayers had been answered.  Upon further contemplation, it was decided that we would not only help to buy a truck, but that we would be able to buy the truck for them. With much homework, translating, and diligent decision making, a truck was purchased through a dealership in Arequipa, Peru.  On July 11, 2016 Padre Andre Jose Marquez took delivery of their much needed, long overdue and incredibly appreciated new truck! Almost a full year from the date of last MPDO collection but good things come to those who wait patiently. 

This week we received messages of gratitude, note of thanks and love from our Parish in Mollendo.  Their pastor, Padre Andre Marquez is so full of appreciation for the great gift that the people of the Diocese of Ogdensburg have bestowed upon them.  The abundance of generosity is immeasurable.  The people of the Diocese of Ogdensburg should be proud knowing the happiness, relief and joy they have brought to our former Mission Church in a rural community on the side of hill, thousands of miles away.  This year’s theme for MPDO is “Give Local – gleen global good”.  Feel good about yourselves everyone.  We have spread good cheer and love to our friends so far away. Padre Andre sends his thanks!  You can tell from the photos!  Enjoy and God Bless the Diocese of Ogdensburg. 

Pic1 left sidePadre Andre blessing the new Truck.

pic2 right sidePresenting new keys as they stand with the truck.


*** Mission Office Press Release***

Missionary Projects of the Diocese Office Annual Collection

To:              Deaneries of Adirondack, Clinton, Essex, Franklin and Hamilton/Herkimer

Date:          July 5, 2015

RE:             MPDO Collection Summer 2015

During the weekend Masses of July 25th and 26th, the parishioners of Adirondack, Clinton, Essex, Franklin and Hamilton/Herkimer Deaneries will be given an opportunity to support our missionaries with the Missionary Projects of the Diocese of Ogdensburg (MPDO) Collection.  The MPDO (Missionary Projects of the Diocese of Ogdensburg) Collection is a scheduled second collection for which there is an envelope in the sequence.

The Missionary Projects of the Diocese of Ogdensburg collection is used to provide the U.S. Bishop’s annual appeal for Latin America, missionary projects in the world our Diocese deems appropriate as part of its evangelization efforts and most importantly, for continued financial support of our former mission in Mollendo, Peru. The parishioners of Mollendo are in imminent need of financial assistance.  Their heavily relied upon, thirty year old truck which is used for transportation over rocky roads, moving students to Faith Formation Class, taking families to the  health clinic and essentially every  other basic need, is now beyond repair. A main goal with this MPDO collection is to help them purchase a new truck.  It is our hope that we can count on your support.

Our parishes offer prayers for the recipients as we fund missionary activities. Thank you for sharing in our Missionary Zeal that brings Christ’s love to those living in developing countries.

Molendo pic3Molendo pic2Molendo pic1