Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York


Mission Column for January 16, 2019

2019 represents hope for all.


2019 has arrived. We are over two weeks into the new year already. Truly by now, it is understandable that many of you have made resolutions, plans and changes in your lives. The world continues to be in state of uncertain unrest. There continues to be war, a persistence of incivility, refugee crisis and global economic strife. Christ calls us to a mission of prayer and sacrifice. Leaders are calling on us for a dialogue of peace. As we respond to the calls for prayer and peace, the word hope can becomes our guidebook and roadmap in the days and months ahead. As people of faith and children of Christ, we have no doubt in the word hope. Hope and faith can go hand in hand. It is our calling to have both.

As we see the pain of hopelessness in so many, we see human fragility. Our media both social and on the television portray a world that needs our help, that needs our hope, that needs our prayers. It merits a response.  The world view of life at times offers us places where it might seem hope can find no home. How do we as Catholics respond to this call? Hope and faith.

A major part of our faith as we support the missions is the discovery that the more impossible hope appears to be, human resilience shines through.  Our hope and support of the missions becomes the place where light shines in the darkness and deprivation. This year, by decree of Pope Francis, we will call on the world to be ready. Ready not only for hope and faith and joy. But we are going to be calling on the world to extraordinary missionaries. There is more to come on the light-filled and joyful event.

Hope is the very life of God. It is great comfort and consolation to know that God hopes. God hopes eternally and passionately for the whole world. God hopes lovingly for each and every single human being. God’s hope is in our prayers for peace. He believes that we do good deeds to bring about peace in the hearts of individuals and to bring joy to the world.

We are two weeks into the New year. It is my hope that we will find the peace and moreover the civility that does exist in the heart of each of us. I pray that through a universal missionary spirit that the human race will turn to God for their salvation. Let us pray and hope for peace, love, tranquility and above all, forgiveness. We should strive for forgiveness. We need to find and achieve a remission of sin that blocks our true relationship with God. Let us all pray for hope. God is good and our world is so great. We have so much to be hopeful for. Indeed we have the love of God and the hope for a new day.


Remember to pray the World Mission Rosary….

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