Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

Teen Life Day

Dear Youth Bus for Life participant,

If you are reading this note, you are in the process of completing the required documents for the
2019 Youth Buses for Life pilgrimage from the Diocese of Ogdensburg to Washington DC! Here
are important details. **Please complete a media release form: www.rcdony.org/photo

Each coach bus has a bathroom and little TVs. Please pack only one bag for storage under the
bus and one backpack for on the bus. Only non-messy foods allowed. We will have treats too.

Bring your winter coat, boots/warm shoes, mittens/gloves & hat for the March.

Breakfast is free at the hotel. Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s dinners are reserved with a set menu and prepaid. Friday and Saturday’s lunch are also paid. Bring $ for food while traveling & souvenirs.

You will receive a short-sleeved shirt that is predesigned for the pilgrimage. If you will be cold,
please bring a long-sleeved shirt for under it. The group photo will be outside. The shirt will be
worn Friday & Saturday while we are with other groups. 

If you have a cell phone, bring it. Remember your charger and please keep your phone on. Your
chaperone has your phone number and will share their phone number with you on the bus. 

**Important: If you don’t have a cell phone, please borrow one.**

Rooming assignments will be submitted to the hotel. They will be read & you’ll get a key when
we get to the hotel. If you have a serious problem with your roommate, please let a chaperone
know. There are two double beds per room. Bring a sleeping bag if you are uncomfortable with
these arrangements. Bring modest PJ’s (lounging pants are good). There is a curfew. No boys in
girl’s rooms or vice versa. Socialization will be allowed in the hall only. If you plan to swim,
only one piece bathing suits are allowed on this church-sponsored event. 

Please bring your manners. You represent the Diocese of Ogdensburg. Respect for life includes
your chaperones & your peers. You’ll receive other information in a sling bag when you board
the bus including a map, itinerary, munchies, rosary, etc. There is an itinerary posted online too.
If you have questions or cannot attend, please call your bus captain. There is a wait list.
Remember, this pilgrimage is a privilege; thank your parents for allowing you to participate. ☺

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