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The Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) was founded in France in 1843 by Bishop Charles de Forbin Jansen. Its purpose is to encourage all children to be aware of the needs of children living in mission diocese through the world and support them both spiritually and sacrificially. Today it is in 110 countries and helps make Jesus known to children all over the world. Under its banner “children helping children”, monies raised through schools are directed towards self-help programs involving the building of schools, the provision of health and nutrition programs and medications, school fees, and teaching and learning resources.

MCA is a program that falls under the umbrella of the Pontifical Mission Societies.  In both our Catholic Schools and Religious Education programs, MCA is rolled out each school year and overseen by the Mission Office.  Guest speakers, prayer programs, artwork contests and World Mission Sunday materials are provided and all geared towards spreading awareness with our children. 

Teachers and Religious Education instructors are encouraged to contact the Mission office at the end of the school year or during the summer months to order materials for the upcoming school year. 

Contact the Mission office either by calling 315-393-2920 or by contacting us at mryan@rcdony.org.

All materials are free – but there is a $10 charge for shipping so order as much as you can!

The following materials are currently available to be ordered for use in the MCA program:

MCA MITE BOXES Scripturally inspired by Jesus' parable of the "Widows Mite" (Luke 2:1-4; Mark 12:41-44), these mite boxes are designed to encourage young people to give from their hearts. They can be used for sacrificial giving during Advent, Lent or in Ordinary Time.

MCA POSTERS A full color poster that serves as a visual reminder connecting children to their brothers and sisters in mission countries.

MCA PRAYER CARDS For individual student use. These prayer cards server as personal reminders of student's call to missionary discipleship

World Mission Rosary Pamphlet (ENGLISH and SPANISH)  This pamphlet explains the meaning and history of the World Mission Rosary.

Children's World Mission Rosary Each decade of that World Mission Rosary calls to mind an area where the Church continues her evangelizing mission. Embrace the world in prayer through with the World Mssion Rosary. Learn more at www.worldmissionrosary.org. Each Rosary comes with a pamphlet explaining its history and significance. (there is a $5.00 fee for this item)

All donations to the MCA program should be forwarded by the end of the school year to the

Mission Office, PO Box 369, Ogdensburg, NY 13669