Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

The mission of The Foundation is to pass our living faith to future generations by financially supporting the charitable, spiritual, educational and temporal works of the Catholic Community of the Diocese of Ogdensburg by accepting donations or endowment funds from donors and the administration of these funds.

In fulfilling its mission, The Foundation will:

  • Provide estate planning and charitable giving information and assistance.
  • Provide gifting vehicles in which the Church or related entities are the designated beneficiary.
  • Provide responsible and financial management and distribution or earnings that further the mission of the Catholic Church.

Catholics are called by God to protect human life, to promote dignity, to defend those who are poor, to strengthen the Church and to seek the common good. The Foundation exists to help Catholics live out this sacred mission of the Church, through the wise stewardship and thoughtful sharing of their financial resources.

The Foundation will provide permanent endowment and memorial funds for donors who want to give lasting support to parishes, schools, religious and social services ministries in the Diocese of Ogdensburg.

How The Foundation Works

The Foundation solicits, receives, invests and stewards endowed funds and planned gifts to benefit the people and communities of the diocese as designated by donors. Prudent financial management of the funds is entrusted to the Board of Trustees comprised of distinguished church, business and civic leaders. A professional staff administers the day to day operation of The Foundation and oversees the distribution of annual earnings from the funds. Assets are managed by investment professionals.

Why a Catholic Foundation

Endowments through The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg, New York, Inc. provide permanent annual income for all years ahead solely for the specific religious purposes designed by the donor. Our donors enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that their gift will give steady annual income to the causes that have been most meaningful in their lives. Such causes include ministries and projects within parishes, agencies, organizations and Catholic schools.

The Foundation offers its donors:

  • Permanence through endowment
  • Socially responsible investment
  • Sound fiscal management
  • Personalized and technical assistance

Ways for Individuals to Give

A gift through The Foundation occurs when a donor transfers ownership of something with monetary value either now or at the time of death. These gifts may include tangible personal property, insurance policies, homes, farms, stocks, and cash. A donor may direct the benefits of a gift to one or more beneficiaries. Some donors prefer that their gift be added to an already existing endowment providing support for countless years,

Who Can Establish an Endowment

Any individual, parish, school or organization is welcome to establish an endowment fund with The Foundation. We are available to meet with you at your convenience to learn what your charitable interests are and to help you achieve your goals. The Foundation offers an extensive array of methods of giving to meet its donor’s charitable and financial needs.

…Building a Bridge to the Future…