Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

It is the responsibility of the Site Coordinator to be present for each class, open and close the building, set up and take down the refreshment table, leave the facility neat, take attendance at each session, and collect and return participant assignments to the Formation for Ministry Office as scheduled.  For the services described here, a stipend of $20.00 per class is paid at the end of each eight week course.  Name badges are to be collected each week and set out the next week.  Copies of receipts are to be submitted and reimbursement will be provided for any supplies and mailing costs required.

Cancellations for Inclement Weather
During the winter months, the Formation for Ministry Office will closely monitor weather and travel conditions.  Because scheduling make-up classes is so difficult, it is our desire to hold classes, as scheduled, if at all possible; however, we do not want anyone involved in the program to take unnecessary risks on hazardous road conditions.  As such, we ask that Site Coordinators also watch the weather conditions in their local areas and provide the Office with information as local conditions warrant.  The decision to cancel a class is made by the Formation for Ministry Program Coordinator, with input from the Site Coordinator and the Instructor.  Any decision to cancel for adverse weather conditions will be made by 4:00 pm, allowing sufficient time for the Site Coordinator to be contacted so he/she can activate the phone tree to notify participants. 

                Formation for Ministry Office     315-393-2920 
                Secretary  (Jeannie Grizzuto) – extension 1413     email – jgrizzuto@rcdony.org
                Program Director (Cathy Russell) –       email – crussell@rcdony.org
                Cell Phone:  518-637-6527      Home Phone:  518-705-6030

Folder Contents
For your reference, you have been provided with a schedule of class dates, copies of all student papers that are required, as well as an email list and phone tree of participants for your site.  The schedule for mailing paperwork collected from participants is also in your folder.  Pre-addressed envelopes have provided for your convenience.  You are not expected to provide copies of materials for participants.  They have been provided with copies of all that is to be completed.  All forms are available on the Formation for Ministry website if additional copies are needed by participants.

It is the responsibility of the Site Coordinator to make coffee, both regular and decaf, and to have hot water available for tea.  You will be provided with a package of supplies to begin the program, and are asked to replenish the supplies as needed.  Receipts are to be saved and submitted to the Formation for Ministry Office for reimbursement.  If you need to make an adjustment to this procedure, please contact the office to make other arrangements.
Snacks, if desired, are to be provided by participants.  It is recommended that you create a sign-up sheet for those volunteering to bring them.  You may wish to remind participants of their volunteer snack dates.

Class Meetings
Maintaining the schedule for each class meeting is important.  Classes should begin on time and end on time.  Announcements of papers/workshops etc. coming due can be made prior to the beginning of class.  The break should be kept to fifteen minutes so that enough time is allotted for instructors to complete their instruction.