Roman Catholic 
Diocese of Ogdensburg

Commissioned Lay Ministers

We encourage our Commissioned Lay Ministers to take part in the following activities.  These activities are made available in response to your requests.  They will help you grow in your ministries, to interact and renew friendships, enjoy spiritual enrichment, engage in faith sharing and discuss your ministerial experience with other lay ministers throughout the diocese and in your area.

Watch your bulletins, mail, e-mail and the North Country Catholic for the following events.

Keeping Us Up-To-Date:

Please make sure that the office has your current 911 address.   Mail your correct address to Formation For Ministry PO Box 369, Ogdensburg, NY 13669.  We will then update our records.   Accurate records and having a correct e-mail address helps save money and you will receive our communications in time to take part in the many activities listed below.

Lay Ministry Sunday - Wear Your Pin!  
Through bulletin announcements, Eucharistic Liturgy, or a light reception your parish acknowledges and thanks the contributions of the Commissioned Lay Ministers.   It is a time for your pastor and parish to thank you for all that you do in your ministry.

Regional Gatherings:

There are times when you miss getting together with other classmates or lay ministers.   This is an evening that takes place in your deanery.  It can be a time to fellowship with others or it can include a pot luck meal and a speaker.   It is up to the group.   You will be informed of these meetings through the mail or e-mail.  If you know of someone who is discerning a call to lay ministry, please encourage them to come with you. 


Volunteer to help at the Commissioning Mass.   Be a greeter, a server at the reception, or help as a reader or altar server at the liturgy.   If you are willing to help make this a most memorable time for the newly commissioned lay ministers, call or contact the program coordinator or the program secretary.

Workshops and Retreat:

I hope you are planning to participate in the workshops and the June weekend retreat.  The workshops and the annual retreat are wonderful opportunities to reconnect with the other lay ministers from the diocese.  It is a time to renew friendships, enjoy spiritual enrichment, engage in faith sharing and discuss your ministerial experiences.  There are four workshops held in the 2nd year of classes and the annual retreat is held in June at Wadhams Hall, Ogdensburg.  You will receive a mailing with registrations in plenty of time to plan ahead.


Posters with brochures are sent to each parish.  If you know of someone who is discerning a call to lay ministry, please encourage them to enroll. 


The Commissioned Lay Ministry Association Events
Annual Dinner
Please click the registration button below to attend.  

April 18, 2024 at St. Anthony's Church in Watertown

Advisory Committee Bylaws

I. Purpose of Advisory Committee

The Members of the Advisory Committee advise the Director of Formation for Ministry on the development and implementation of goals and evaluation of programs of Formation for Ministry in the Diocese of Ogdensburg

II. Membership of Advisory Committee
Committee membership shall include:

A. Ex-officio members
1. Vicar for Education
2. Director of the program
3. Episcopal Delegate to Pastoral Ministers

B. The committee shall consist of five to ten members in addition to the ex-officio members and will include the Chair (or his/her designee) of each of the three Commissioned Lay Ministry Associations and the diocesan youth director. The composition of membership shall take into consideration geographic location, gender and recognized diocesan ministry groups such as pastors, pastoral administrators, parochial vicars, deacons, religious, and pastoral associates

C. Term of Membership
1. The Director shall appoint suitable candidates for a three-year term. Individuals may be reappointed for succeeding three-year terms.
2. The new member will attend the Fall meeting of the year of appointment. The final meeting will be the Spring meeting of the last year of appointment.

III. Officers of the Advisory Committee

A. The Chairperson shall be the Director of the Formation for Ministry program. The Chairperson shall:
1. Call regular meetings of the committee
2. Prepare an agenda and distribute to the members
3. Preside at all meetings
4. Direct the secretary to create and distribute copies of the minutes of the meetings to members
5. Call special meetings of the committee when deemed necessary
6. Appoint subcommittees as needed
7. Be spokesperson for the program and the committee

B. The Secretary shall be the Secretary to the Director and shall:
1. Record proceedings of the meetings
2. Distribute minutes of the meetings when directed by the Director as soon after the meeting as possible
3. Conduct correspondence relative to the committee
4. Publish agenda and notices of meetings ten days prior to the next meeting

IV. Duties of Advisory Committee 

A. The duties are as follows:
1. To raise program consciousness in our parishes
2. To collect and analyze data on academic programs, ministry development and spiritual formation
3. To recommend future academic and training areas
4. To evaluate strengths and weaknesses, needs and resources of the program
5. To study identified difficulties, prioritize them and find alternative solutions
6. To assist the Director as needed

V. Meetings of the Advisory Committee

Regular meetings of the Advisory Committee shall be held three times a year. Special meetings will be held as called by the Director or Committee.

Revised: May 2019 with 11/5/19 revisions from TRL and recommendations from JDC
Approved by Advisory Board: October, 2019

Advisory Committee Board Members

Formation for Ministry Advisory Committee Members 
Catherine Russell – Chairperson

Each Term - 3 years

End of 1st Term End of 2nd Term
Rev. Msgr. Robert H. Aucoin 
St. Mary’s Church 
34 Oak Street 
Waddington, NY 13694 
Ex officio member
Rev. Arthur J. LaBaff, V.F. 
St. Mary’s Church 
521 James Street  
Clayton, NY 13624 
June 2016 June 2022
Deacon Mark A. LaLonde 
St. Mary’s Cathedral 
603 East South Street
Ogdensburg, NY 13669
March 2021 March 2024
Deacon Kevin T. Mastellon 
St. Patrick’s & St. Anthony’s Church 
123 South Massey Street
Watertown, NY 13601
June 2016 June 2022
Sister Shirley Anne Brown, SSJ 
The RCC of Morristown, Hammond & Rossie 
PO Box 216 
Morristown, NY 13644
October 2019 October 2022
Mr. Thomas Semeraro 
59 Virginia Drive
Keeseville, NY 12944
January 2022 January 2025
Mrs. Clare Murdock 
515 Bigelow Street 
Ogdensburg, NY 13669
June 2019 June 2022
Mrs. Mary Sovie  
1502 Ford Street
Ogdensburg, NY 13669 
June 2017 June 2023
Mrs. Brenda Smith  
2155 Route 22  
Keeseville, NY 12944
January 2022 January 2025
Mrs. Karen LeClair  
46 Smith Street 
Dannemora, NY 12929 
January 2022 January 2025