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Family Guide to Faithful Citizenship
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For Your Marriage
With tough economic conditions impacting families, The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) “For Your Marriage” Web site offers ten suggestions for romantic, low-cost dates. From planning an indoor “picnic” to “midnight bowling,” the ideas can inspire couples to be creative date planners.

Courage is a Roman Catholic organization that ministers to those with same-sex attractions and their families.

Catholic Engaged Encounter
A retreat weekend for couples to reflect and discuss issues and topics that will impact their marriage.
John and Mary Saxman, Father Bill Hammelman, National Executive Team
Phone: 503-697-3545
E-Mail: ceenet@qwest.net or williamh@ispwest.com
Web Site: www.engagedencounter.com

Family Matters
An online resource for married couples, parents, and leaders to support marriage and family life. Family Matters includes articles, resources, and activities on marriage, parenting, and spirituality plus over 150 archived Marriage Moments and Parenting Pointers for leaders to use in newsletters, bulletins, and on websites.

Susan Vogt, Director
523 E. Southern Ave.
Covington, KY 41015
Phone: (859) 291-6197
E-mail: SusanVogt@fuse.net
Website: www.SusanVogt.net

Worldwide Marriage Encounter
Worldwide Marriage Encounter is a Catholic marriage enrichment organization with affiliations to many other faith denominations, promoting the value of the Sacraments of Matrimony and Holy Orders. WWME offers a wide variety of enrichments for married couples in parishes in 83 countries worldwide.
Administrative Office
2210 East Highland Avenue #106
San Bernardino, CA 92404
Phone: 909-863-9963
Fax: 909-863-9986
E-Mail: office@wwme.org
Web Site: www.wwme.org

Apostolate for Family Consecration
3375 County Road 36
Bloomingdale, OH 43910
Phone: 800-77-FAMILY
Web Site: www.familyland.org

At Home With Our Faith
U.S. Catholic's site offers current reporting, commentary, and discussion about living as a Catholic today. Homefaith.com, sponsored by the family spirituality newsletter At Home with our Faith, provides parents with ideas and resources to help pass on a living faith.
Mary Lynn Hendricksen and Cathy O'Connell-Cahill, Editors
205 West Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60606-5033
Phone: 800-328-6515
E-Mail: editor@homefaith.com
Web Site: www.homefaith.com

Christian Family Movement
A national network of Action Groups, dedicated to "improving the quality of family life by reaching out."
Jane and Paul Leingang, Executive Directors
P.O. Box 925
Evansville, IN 47706-0925
Fax: 812-962-5509
E-Mail: office@cfm.org
Web Site: www.cfm.org

Provides a bridge to emotional healing for children, adolescents and adults confronting death, divorce or other painful family transition.
Suzy Yehl Marta
2100 Golf Rd. #370
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008-4231
Phone: 800-266-3206 or 847-952-1770
Fax: 847-952-1774
E-Mail: info@rainbows.org
Web Site: www.rainbows.org

Peer ministry to help couples in struggling marriages.
Phone: 800-470-2230
E-Mail: international_office@retrouvaille.org
Web Site: www.retrouvaille.org

The Third Option
An on-going ministry to hurting marriages.
Patricia Ennis, President
1342 Lancaster Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13210
Phone: 315-472-6728
Fax: 315-472-8409
E-Mail: pat@thethirdoption.com
Web Site: www.thethirdoption.com

National Catholic Ministry to the Bereaved
Sr. Mary Ann Wachtel, SFCC, Executive Director
Sr. Maureen Brinker, SSND, Office Manager
PO Box 16353
St. Louis, MO 63125-0353
Phone: 314-638-2638
Fax: 314-638-2639
E-mail: NCMBereave@aol.com
Web Site: www.griefwork.org

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