Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York





What: Steubenville Youth Conference “Main Campus #5” at Franciscan University, Steubenville Ohio                                                                         
When: Summer 2020

Who: High School aged youth, Virtus trained chaperones

How: We will be travelling by car with virtus trained chaperones. Departures will be at 6:00 am from St. James Parish in Gouverneur, with 7:00 am pick ups in Watertown, NY as needed due to location of registrants and chaperones.

We will travel to Steubenville, Ohio (491 miles) to arrive for beginning of conference Friday evening. We will stop for lunch and dinner will be provided at the conference. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided on Saturday, Breakfast and Lunch is provided on Sunday. Dinner will be a stop on the way home on Sunday night.

Housing will be at the Franciscan Inn Best Western at Franciscan Square, across the road from Franciscan University. There will be 4 students to a room, sharing a double bed. Youth are to bring bedding if they choose to sleep on the floor. An indoor pool is located in the hotel; but due to conference schedule, there may not be time to swim. Participants may bring suits in case.

Cost: Total cost per registrant is TBD. The amount includes the Conference, hotel, transportation, T shirt, and 6 meals. Participants are responsible for 2 meals while traveling, and any extra spending money they wish to have for the Franciscan University Bookstore. Participants are highly encourage to have spending money to contribute to buying pizza on Friday and Saturday evenings, and also for smoothies, coffees, and snacks at Cupertino’s and The Pub.

$40.00 deposit due upon registration

Half of balance due by April 10th. If this balance is not paid in full by April 10, registrant will lose their $40 deposit and their space will be given up

Remaining balance due by June 15, 2020.

Youth and Chaperones will need to sign liability/waiver/code of conduct agreement from Franciscan University as well as from Diocese of Ogdensburg. The necessary forms from Franciscan University will be available upon completion of the Diocesan Registration online forms.


Chaperones must know where their teens are at all times.

No drugs or alcohol. If any are found, the participant/group can be subject to immediate expulsion.

No smoking. Ohio Law requires smokers to be at least 18 years old and 30 feet from any buildings. All smokers must be of age and the appropriate distance from all buildings.

Property Damage. Responsible party will pay for full repair/replacement costs.

Insubordination: All Youth and Adult Chaperones are expected to follow the direction of posted rules and Security and Conference Staff. Any instances of insubordination will be subject to appropriate discipline.

For security reasons, Franciscan University of Steubenville reserves the right to check all bags/luggage/containers.


For every Guest attending the conference.

Bedding: pillow and a sleeping bag or blow up mattress if you do not want to share a bed


Clothing must cover all undergarments and midriffs.

Bikini tops, low cut tops, miniskirts, yoga pants, and short shorts are unacceptable. Shorts must be longer than the distance to your wrist when your arm is placed at your side.

Inappropriate or profane attire are not to be worn at any time during the conference.

Shirts and shoes are to be worn at all times.

Sweatshirt/jacket for sessions (the Fieldhouse can be cold)

Water bottle – there are coolers to refill bottles all across campus. Stay hydrated

Bible, notebook, and pen


We will be on campus all day; you will need to take what you need for the day when we leave the hotel in the morning

Umbrella/other rain gear


Priests/Deacons attending should bring their own alb and stole(s)

Group T-shirt, one will be provided. It is nice to wear other Diocesan T shirts for Friday and Sunday

Bathing suit

Spending money – to visit the Franciscan Bookstore/Pizza and Cupertino’s

For all questions and more information contact Dayna Leader Family Life Associate for Marriage Preparation and Enrichment 315-323-0827 dleader@rcdony.org