Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

The Catholic Church is vitally interested in the sanctity and success of marriage. The Church wants you to take time to reflect on the holiness of your vocation as a married couple and the importance of the step you are about to take. She wants you to understand that marriage is a way of life designed by God to include the very presence of Jesus Christ Himself. That is why the Church insists that couples who present themselves to have their marriage blessed in a sacramental way participate in a marriage preparation program.

The diocesan marriage preparation program “Pre-Cana” is held at various times in many of the deaneries. Marriage preparation programs such as sponsor couple programs are held in various parishes. Check with your parish priest or deacon to see if your parish offers a sponsor couple program.

What is a Pre-Cana Marriage Preparation Program?

Pre-Cana Marriage Preparation is for engaged couples planning to be married in the Catholic Church and referred by the priest or deacon. The choice of one day of preparation or two evenings of presentations and sharing enables you as a couple to have an opportunity to share honestly with each other your strengths and gifts that you will each bring to the marriage. You will also look at the challenges and opportunities that come with married life. The topics that will facilitate this discussion will be about family living, communication, finances, Christian sexuality, parenting, Natural Family Planning, and the Sacrament of Marriage.

To download a Marriage Preparation Registration Form - Click Here

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