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Concilium Vaticanum II- A Vatican Television Production

Concilium Vaticanum II- A Vatican Television ProductionUsing fascinating archive footage, and the testimony of historians and those who participated, this film from Vatican TV explores the events of the Council and its place in history. (60 minutes)

Although it feels somewhat dated (The DVD was released in 2006, but the original production it looks like it was produced mid-1970s?), this is a good history of the Council, placing it in context of the time. It shows the excitement, social and religious context and key ecclesial issues associated with the Council. Also, since it was produced relatively shortly after the Council closed in in 1965, the video gives a sense of the implementation of the documents which is just beginning. We are still working on many of the issues discussed.   This video would be a good introduction of the context in which Vatican II took place and as an encouragement to read the documents so that, as a community of faith, we can continue to unpack the treasures contained in the documents.

Catholic Theological Union Lecture Series: Rediscovering Vatican II by

Catholic Theological Union Lecture Series: Distinguished Faculty of CTU and Lewis University




Join eight of the world’s leading Catholic scholars on a remarkable exploration of Vatican II.

Fifty years ago, over 2,000 bishops, theologians, and lay participants from 116 countries gathered for one for one of the most important events in history: the twenty-first ecumenical council of the Church, the Second Vatican Council. The council produced a body of decrees, declarations, and constitutions that had a radical impact on the Church. Vatican II continues to be a lively topic of discussion today.

Faithful Revolution - Vatican II – by RCL Benziger

Faithful Revolution -  Vatican IIhttp://www.rclbenziger.com/Pages/Item/57371/VaticanII.aspx

$24.95 as of 3/20/2013


A five DVD set produced in the mid-90s consisting of 5 1-hour videos. (note it comes with an online study guide: http://www.rclbenziger.com/Content/Site131/FilesSamples/158270T2938DVDB_00000011685.pdf)

Although this documentary gives an interesting sense of context and “the spirit of Vatican II”, it is more about the “spirit” of Vatican II rather that what the Second Vatican Council actually produces.  

The Vision of Vatican II for Today – By Franciscan Media

The Vision of Vatican II for Today http://catalog.franciscanmedia.org/Product.aspx?productCode=d5050

leaders guide: http://catalog.franciscanmedia.org/guide/pdf/D5050_guide_Vision_of_Vatican_II.pdf

Vatican Council II (1962-65) created a new vision of the Catholic Church for the Third Millennium. The Council was a new Pentecost that will reshape the world for centuries to come. In this five-part video series, Father Michael Himes looks at the theological background of the Council, some of the revolutionary teachings of the Council itself and how the wisdom and insights of the Council guide us today.