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Vatican Council II, Vol. 1: The Conciliar and Postconciliar Documents Paperback

Vatican Council II, Vol. 1Edited by Austin Flannery

This is the "standard" book of the 16 Documents of Vatican Council II. You may be able to find individual copies in libraries or bookstores, but they are no longer available in bulk in the United States because of a problem with the publisher.



Vatican II: The Essential Texts by Norman Tanner

Image Publications ISBN: 0307952800

Vatican II: The Essential Texts by Norman TannerBy encouraging engagement with the modern world and a refocusing of traditional teaching, the Second Vatican Council brought new life into the practice of Catholicism. The council's impact on the Church is still playing out today, and with many current church issues finding their roots in differing interpretations of Vatican II it has never lost relevance. Vatican II: The Essential Texts brings together the key documents of the council.

Includes the 4 Constitutions plus the Declaration on Religious Freedom (Dignitatis Humanae) and Declaration on the Church's relation with non –Christian religions (Nostrae Aetate)

Vatican II in Plain English The Collection (3-Volume Set) by Bill Huebsch

Ave Maria Press ISBN 978-1-59471-108-4

Vatican II in Plain English The Collection The Council: provides a chronology of major events in Vatican II's unfolding story, lists all previous church councils, and offers biographies of key players at Vatican II, as well as a summary of each document.

The Constitutions: This volume paraphrases the texts of the four constitutions—on the liturgy, the Church, divine revelation, and the Church in the modern world.

The Decrees and Declarations: This volume paraphrases the nine decrees and three declarations of the council.

What Happened at Vatican II by John O'Malley

Belknap Press ISBN 978-0674047495

What  Happened at Vatican II by John O'MalleyThis is probably one of the best books about Vatican II which not just gives insight on the proceedings of Vatican II but also delves into the impact of the council, giving both context and meaning of the Council.