The Office of New Evangelization exists
To support parishes in forming
Joy-Filled, Intentional,
Missionary Disciples of Jesus Christ
So that On Fire with the Holy Spirit
They will be witnesses that
transform the culture around them.

A simple way to start evangelization in your parish

A couple of days ago, I watched a webinar from the Amazing Parish team. The Amazing Parish is an organization that hosts conferences and webinars in parish leadership, organization and how to rejuvenate parishes for mission. There are free parish leadership training videos on the site that would be helpful to any parish leadership team. 


The webinar recording I would like to recommend to you is on a simple way to start evangelizing that ANYONE can do. It does not require any special classes or theological knowledge. It is so simple that you might think this can't possibly work. Isn't it strange how we often think that in order for something to be fruitful it must be difficult and complicated. Here is the simple one step process to begin evangelizing in and beyond your parish: 

Step 1: care about someone and ask them: "What is going on in your life that I can pray for."  That's it! 


The video has a few more details: start with your parish staff, then your parishioners in the pew, then have them go out at their place of work, their neighbors, their school ... The video also features the experience of a pastor in using this method. Check it out.  


Click image above to play the video.


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