Roman Catholic 
Diocese of Ogdensburg


The Office of New Evangelization exists
To support parishes in forming
Joy-Filled, Intentional,
Missionary Disciples of Jesus Christ
So that On Fire with the Holy Spirit
They will be witnesses that
transform the culture around them.

Podcasts: What are you listening to?

I don’t know about you, but I find myself on long drives around the North Country … whether it is a 20-minute drive each way to get groceries or to commute to the office, or a two-hour drive to visit a parish for a workshop (which sadly hasn’t happened in a while with the Covid19 situation). Sometimes I use the time in the car for silent prayer or a rosary, and sometimes I use the time just to let my mind wander and mull over some project I am working on while I enjoy the scenery of the North Country.

At other times, however, I use the time to learn something new or be entertained by podcasts, serial audio programs that you can subscribe to and download to your phone. There are podcasts for almost every interest, from science to finance to games, productivity, minimalism and art and music. And yes, there are podcasts about faith, Catholicism, evangelization and the intersection of faith and culture. Some of these I have reviewed before (see links at the end of the post).

Here are three more that I have been listening to recently:

thiscatholiclife This Catholic Life Podcast: This is an Australian podcast in which the hosts have easy-going conversations with guests about all sort of topics and issues viewed through the Catholic Lens. Recent episodes have discussed such things as Eastern Catholicism, Parenting, the Meaning of Freedom, Ecology, Theology of the Body, and of course, the Coronovirus. One thing I like about this podcast is the relaxed conversations (and hey, the Aussie accent is fun to listen to). They are also dealing with a similarly secularized culture, and so the intersection of faith and culture are very similar to what we encounter here, yet there is a distinctly easygoing Australian attitude in how to engage the culture rather than simply oppose and react against the culture.
americancatholichistory600 300x300

American Catholic History Podcast: each episode of this podcast tells the story of Catholics who have contributed to the history of America. Some of these are famous but many (if not most) are individuals I have never heard of. Some are canonized saints, and some are just ordinary Catholics who simply lived faithfully and so changed the world and changed the history of our nation. The stories are fascinating and make you realize that you, too, can have effect and do small things with great love and faith and have an impact on our neighborhood and influence the culture around us. 

This podcast is part of the SQPN (Star Quest Production Network) that produces Catholic Podcasts. In addition to the American Catholic History Podcast, check out such podcasts as Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World, Raising the Betts, and the Secrets of Technology.  

cordial catholic

The Cordial Catholic is a podcast by a former non-denominational evangelical protestant who converted to Catholicism.  He has conversations with theologians, Catholic authors and scholars, bishops, and other converts about topics that help explain Catholic teachings. This is a great podcasts for new Catholics and non-Catholics interested in the faith, but also for those of us whose mission it is to explain the faith to others, because many of the topics covered answer questions that people have about the faith. Some recent discussions have dealt with topics such as Purgatory, Catholic Scriptures and how they differ from Protestant bibles, Apostolic Succession, Redemptive Suffering, Relics and Infant Baptism.



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