Roman Catholic 
Diocese of Ogdensburg


The Office of New Evangelization exists
To support parishes in forming
Joy-Filled, Intentional,
Missionary Disciples of Jesus Christ
So that On Fire with the Holy Spirit
They will be witnesses that
transform the culture around them.

RESOURCE OF THE WEEK: Dynamic Catholic Parish Champion program

dynamic catholic

At the beginning of this week I received a call from a friend about a FREE resource that I had not yet heard about.  I am sure that everyone is familiar with Dynamic Catholic, the organization run by Matthew Kelly that works to re-energize the Church and Catholics through books, programs, retreat, and parish events.   I was familiar with all these, as well as many of the resources Dynamic Catholic offers.

What I had not heard about, and what I would like to share with all of you, is a program Dynamic Catholic offers called Parish Champion.  What is a parish champion you might ask.  It is a way to distribute FREE resources to people in your parish. Basically, every month, the Parish Champion receive a case (!) of free books or cd's in the mail, that you can then share with your pastor, your parish leadership team and fellow parishioners . In addition, you will receive materials and information about Dynamic Catholic Programs, as well as inside information about new programs and resources before they are released.  

There is an application process to become a Parish Champion.  Basically you have to fill out a form and the about you and the size of your parish. The application forms are reviewed at the end of each month after which Dynamic Catholic will contact you whether you have been accepted.

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