Roman Catholic 
Diocese of Ogdensburg


The Office of New Evangelization exists
To support parishes in forming
Joy-Filled, Intentional,
Missionary Disciples of Jesus Christ
So that On Fire with the Holy Spirit
They will be witnesses that
transform the culture around them.

RESOURCE OF THE WEEK: Every Knee Shall Bow Podcast

Starting today, this blog will offer a weekly review or suggestion of a resource every Friday, whether a book, a program, a website or a podcast like today.  If you have discovered gems of resources that have assisted you in living out your faith, let us know.


190118 Every Knee Shall Bow

Every Knee Shall Bow is a new podcast from Ascension Press. This podcast started on December 5 and is a weekly podcast on how to get past the buzzwords of the new evangelization and actually begin evangelizing.  We have all been to workshops where we  learned the theories about becoming intentional or missionary disciples of Christ with mandates to go out and make disciples, to share our faith,  to be Christ Led, Christ Fed and Hope Filled.  But practically speaking, how do we actually go about doing these things.  Where do we start? What is the first small step, and then the next, and the next …

This podcast, presented by Michael Gormley and Dave VanVickle gives you, from their own experience, basic steps you can take each week to spread the gospel where ever you find yourself.   If you find sharing your faith awkward, if you avoid having to answer questions about your faith, if you think you just don't know enough and want to leave the evangelizing to the "professionals" like priest, nuns and parish staffs, this podcast will give you tools and practical small steps to become a missionary disciple . 

What I like about this podcast is that is stretches you just a tiny little bit, tip your toe into the water, but never tries to push you beyond where you are ready to go.  The first couple of episodes you don't even have to talk to anyone! And every episode gives you five practical take aways that you can work on that week.

The first episode "Be Unashamed of the Gospel, explains what the podcast is all about and introduces the hosts. The second episode helps you prepare your Christian Testimony, then there is an episode that talks about conversion. The hosts tell stories, some things that worked and some things that didn't.  There was a short Christmas message for the next episode and the latest episode speaks about the kerygma, or initial proclamation.

Some ideas for how to use this podcast:

Of course, like all podcasts, you can simply listen and learn on your own, but I would recommend finding a friend or two (or three) and listen to the podcasts on your own, but then get together and discuss, try some of the practical tips and share what you did, how it worked.   I would recommend not just jumping in at the latest episode, but, since this is a brand new podcast with very few past episodes, go back to be beginning of the series. 

If you have listened to this podcast, have comments,  or have ideas for other resources you would like me to review, leave a comment below or drop me an email at the Diocesan New Evangelization Office at