Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

The  English Language Arts  Program of the  schools of the Diocese of Ogdensburg is based on the National Common Core  Standard.  As with all of our educational  programs, all instruction is centered in our Catholic Faith foundation.

In the context of all ELA instruction, students are expected to use the  following practices which include:

  • read and work with a balance of informational and literary texts
  • apply reading writing/skills in science and social studies
  • develop skill to read, analyze, evaluate texts that are increasingly  complex
  • support and make inferences based on text-based information
  • writing that emphasizes the use of evidence from sources to inform or  make an argument
  • build transferrable vocabulary to access grade level texts across  disciplines

The  content of grade three ELA is clearly outlined on the Diocesan Report  Card.  In addition to the content and skills, writing is highly emphasized not only in ELA  but in all subject areas.  The Common  Core requires 4 types of writing-argument, informative/explanatory and  narrative.  Below you will find a strong writing  sample for this grade level that is the expected performance on a  informative writing task.

Horses Why I Chose This Animal      I chose horses because  I like to ride the.  I also like to pet  them.  At the camp I go to everybody gets  to have horses back riding lessons.   Horses are so beautiful and fun to ride. Horse Families      A mother or female horse is called a mare.  A father or male horse is called a  stallion.  A foal is a baby horse. Markings     A star is a little white diamond on the  forelock.  The forelocks is a horses  forehead.  A race is a white line down  the middle of the horses face.  A blaze  is kind of like a race but wider.  If the  white line on it face spreads out to its eyes it is called a white face.  A small amount of white on its muzzle is  called a snip.  A muzzle is a horses  mouth. Breeds and Color Coats      Icelandic and Shetland ponies are very  small when they are full grown.   Chestnuts are red-brown and Roans have white hairs on their brown coat.  Cream is a rare color.  Rare means you don’t see that color cream  very much.  Brown horses are brown all  over.  Blacks are black all over.  Piebalds have black and white spots.  Skewbalds are brown and white.  Duns are a sandy brown with black manes and  tails. Whites are white all over. Breeds I Like      I like thoroughbreds because they are such  a pretty brown.  I like Arabians because  their different coats are very beautiful and they’re one of the oldest horses.  I like Morgans because they have a beautiful  reddish-brown coat.  I like Icelandic and  Shetland ponies because they are so very cute, pretty and small.

     I like horses and I know a lot about  them.  I like to ride them and they’re so  beautiful!  Their coats are beautiful, I  wish I had a horse of my own!

Criteria used to evaluate this piece  as a strong writing sample include:

  • introduces a  topic
  • creates an  organizational structure (using headers) that groups related information  together
  • develops the  topic with facts and details
  • uses linking  words and phrases to connect ideas within categories of information
  • provides a  concluding section
  • demonstrates  growing good command of the conventions of standard written English