Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

The Religion curriculum of the Diocese of Ogdensburg is built upon the  Four Pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church – Creed, Sacraments,  Christian Life in Christ, and Prayer.  It  is the expectation that the diocesan Religion curriculum, approved by Bishop  LaValley, will be followed in all schools of the Diocese of Ogdensburg.  It is further expected that our faith and  teachings will be integrated throughout our academic curriculum as appropriate.

Grade Six Focus – Tracing our Roots in the Old Testament

Areas of the Four Pillars included in the Sixth Grade Religion curriculum  include:


  • Defining the Bible
  • Authors and structure of the Bible
  • Types of books in the Old Testament
  • God’s call and covenant with His  people through the centuries
  • New Testament – Old Testament  fulfilled in Jesus


  • People of God called to mission
  • People of God called to service –  works of mercy
  • People of God called to bless one  another
  • Sacramentals and rituals in our faith
  • Celebrating with the Church – the Liturgical  Year

Christian Life in Christ

  • Called to holiness through gift of  faith
  • Called to holiness as people of the  covenant
  • Called to holiness in the image and  likeness of God
  • Called to holiness by respecting  ourselves and others


  • Faith as our response to God
  • Kinds of prayer
  • Memorized prayer – Basic prayers,  Rosary, Angelus, Acts of Faith, Hope and Love
  • Meditation and reflective prayer
  • Contemplative prayer