Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

Self and Others
In Pre-kindergarten, students study “Self and Others”. The course introduces students to a variety of Social Studies concepts—culture, identity, symbols, mapreading, physical systems, sequence and chronology, wants and needs, and governance. The study of these concepts is organized into five units of study—Individual Development and Cultural Identity; Civic Ideals and Practices; Geography, Humans and the Environment; Time, Continuity, and Change; and Economic Systems. Each unit helps students study themselves in the context of their immediate surroundings. While studying how they live and the rules under which they live, students learn that other people may have different identities, cultures, and experiences in the world compared to their own. As with all of our educational programs, all instruction is centered in our Catholic Faith foundation. 

In the context of all social studies instruction, students in Pre-K are expected to:

  • develop a basic awareness of self as an individual, self within the context of family, and self within the context of community
  • demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of their own culture and the cultural traditions of others
  • demonstrate knowledge of the relationship between people, places and regions
  • develop an understanding of how people and things change over time and how to relate past events to their present and future activities
  • demonstrate an understanding of roles, rights and responsibilities
  • demonstrate an understanding that money is needed to exchange for some goods and services
  • demonstrates an awareness of the variety of jobs  in the community in order to provide goods and services