Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

The Science/Health Program of the schools of the Diocese of Ogdensburg is based on the National Common Core Standards.  The standards are correlated with the Common Core ELA and Math Standards when applicable.  As with all of our educational programs, all instruction is centered in our Catholic Faith foundation.  Science and Health are often integrated in the Religion, Literacy, Math and Physical Education programs at the primary level of instruction while maintaining some independent experiences as well.

The content of Pre-kindergarten science is centered around the following Common Core domains:
Earth and Space

  • investigate and identify properties of soil, rocks and minerals
  • investigates and identifies physical properties of water such as solid, liquid and gas
  • makes simple observations of characteristics and movements of sun, moon, stars and clouds
  • observes and discusses changes in weather and seasons using weather related vocabulary
  • identifies ways the environment provides natural resources for the needs of people
  • demonstrates ways we protect our earth

Living Things

  • observes and discusses similarities and differences of plants and animals
  • distinguish living and non-living  things based on characteristics such as breathing and moving
  • describe simple life cycles of plants and animals
  • describe and identify different structures of familiar plants and animals
  • recognized that plants and animals have some characteristics of their “parents”
  • observe and describe habitats of plants and animals and how they change in different seasons

Physical Properties

  • describes, compares, and categorizes objects based on their properties
  • uses senses to explore different environments
  • describes tools and uses them to explore the world and learn how things work
  • investigates interactions between matter and energy – ex. peanuts becoming peanut butter
  • describes and compares the effects of common forces on objects such as gravity, magnetism and mechanical forces
  • explores simple chemical reactions with teacher assistance