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The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

My Family and  Other Families, Now and Long Ago “My Family and Other Families, Now  and Long Ago” is organized around the same five units of study that organize  kindergarten Social Studies: Individual Development and Cultural Identity;  Civic Ideals and Practices; Geography, Humans, and the Environment; Time,  Continuity, and Change; and Economic Systems. In first grade, students learn to  study Social Studies through their families. The first unit helps students  understand the roles and kinds of families that exist in the world. Students  then learn about how they, as good citizens, can contribute to their classroom  and community. In the study of geography, students expand their knowledge of  physical geography and also learn about the humanmade features that shape people’s  experience with places. The unit on Time, Continuity, and Change returns the  focus to the family by studying chronology and sequence through changes to  family structures over time. The unit also introduces students to the tools  used by historians to learn about the past. Finally, students learn the various  ways in which families manage their resources in a world of scarcity. As with  all of our educational programs, all instruction is centered in our Catholic  Faith foundation. 

In the context of all social studies instruction, students are expected  to use social studies practices which include:

  • chronological and reasoning causation – how events are related  chronologically and how they relate to earlier ideas and events and subsequent  ideas and events which in turn result in periods of history
  • comparison and contextualization – similarities and differences among  geographic regions where varying historical development affected societies,  economics and culture
  • geographic reasoning – the relationship between people, places, and the  environment and the overall effects on human activities over time
  • gathering, using and interpreting evidence – using evidence from diverse  sources and multiple perspectives to understand as well as to construct and  deconstruct arguments related to topics of social studies
  • role of individual in social and political participation-investigate ways  of participation, respectful dissent and engaging in methods of change  including written, verbal (debate) and social media

The content of grade one social  studies is centered around the following Common Core Domains and Key Ideas:

Individual  Development and Cultural Identity

  • beliefs,  customs, and traditions help shape the identity and culture of a family and  community
  • people of  diverse racial, religious, national and ethnic groups transmit their beliefs,  customs, and traditions to create a multicultural community

Civic Ideals  and Practices

  • a citizen is a  member of a community or group;  students  are citizens of their local and global communities
  • citizens  contribute to their communities by demonstrating responsible traits and  behaviors
  • people create  governments in order to develop rules and laws to establish order, and to  protect rights and safety of individuals and groups

Geography,  Humans, and the Environment

  • location and place  of physical features and man-made structures can be described and interpreted  using symbols and geographic vocabulary
  • people and  communities depend on and modify their physical environments in order to meet  basic needs

Time,  Continuity, and Change

  • families have a  past and change over time.  There are  different types of documents that relate family histories
  • historical  sources reveal information about how life in the past differs from the present
  • there are major  individuals, historical events and symbols that are important in our country

Economic Systems

  • all people need  food, clothing, and shelter in order to survive
  • people have  many economic wants and needs, but limited resources with which to obtain them
  • people make  economic choices as producers and consumers of goods and services