Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

The Arts Program of the schools of the Diocese of Ogdensburg is based on the New York State Common Core Standards.  As with all of our educational programs, all instruction is centered in our Catholic Faith foundation. Spanning history and place, the Arts have always been a vital part of the traditional ceremonies and festivities of the world’s cultures and in particular of the culture and tradition of the Catholic Church. The Arts can become a pathway to understanding ourselves and others.  It can illuminate the traditions and religions of the many other cultures that are part of our nation and our world.  The Arts transcends barriers of language, race, and culture and has the potential of helping humankind to achieve our goal of a peaceful society. 

The content of the Pre-Kindergarten Arts program is centered around the following New York State Common Core Standards areas:
Visual Arts

  • experiments with a variety of mediums and methods of using art materials
  • uses materials to build and create “pieces” that represent another item
  • chooses materials and subjects with intent and purpose
  • paints, draws and constructs models based on observation
  • identifies similarities and differences among samples of visual art


  • participates in a variety of music activities including listening, singing, finger plays and musical instruments
  • engages in music activities having different moods, tempos, and rhythms
  • creates sounds using traditional and non-traditional instruments
  • moves and keeps rhythm to different kinds of music
  • repeats, responds and/or reacts to lyrics and/or melodies

Theatre and Dramatic Play

  • represents fantasy, real life, imagination and literature through dramatic play
  • assumes the role of something or someone else and attempts to speak in the appropriate manner and tone
  • uses basic props, and costume pieces to establish time, setting and character
  • demonstrates age-appropriate behavior when observing theatre and drama

Dance/Creative Movement

  • demonstrates concepts (feelings, ideas, etc.) through dance and creative movement
  • uses movement to interpret or imitate feelings, animals, etc.
  • learns simple, repetitive, dance steps and routines
  • compare and contrast different forms of dance
  • demonstrates age appropriate audience behavior when observing dance and creative movement productions

Physical Education/Health

The Pre-Kindergarten Physical Education Program of the schools of the Diocese of Ogdensburg implements the New York State Common Core Standards.  As with all of our educational programs, all instruction is centered in our Catholic Faith foundation.  The human person and thus the human body as well as all life is respected.  Therefore proper development and understanding of the body is an important part of the development of the whole person.  The elementary physical education program is designed around the following areas:

  • using the senses to guide learning and to plan and carry out movements
  • demonstrates coordination and control of large muscles
  • combines a sequence of large motor skills with and without the use of equipment
  • demonstrates eye-hand coordination and dexterity needed to manipulate objects
  • participates in activities designed to strengthen major muscle groups and promote balance and flexibility
  • demonstrates personal care and hygiene skills and demonstrates awareness of healthy habits
  • demonstrates awareness and understanding of basic safety rules