Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

An Endowment Fund is the best way for you to provide a perpetual source of revenue for your Parish, School, favorite Ministry or Program of the Diocese or Missionary Projects of the Diocese. The principal of your gift remains on deposit and continues to grow, while every year the Catholic organization you’ve chosen receives income from your gift forever. An endowment may be opened with a contribution of cash, securities or other property, and may be added to at any time by you or someone else wishes to contribute the same organization.

You, as a donor, may choose to establish a restricted or unrestricted endowment fund, or both. You may assign your gift to your own Parish for its use in any manner you designate, or to any other Catholic organization that you wish. You may also request that your donation simply be used to provide the greatest good to the greatest number, as an unrestricted gift.

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