Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

Cursillista (cur see is ta) means one who has attended a Cursillo Weekend.

Cursillo (Cur see yo) – means “short course” – a three day retreat/journey with Jesus and His brothers and sisters where one encounters oneself, Jesus and others through the Eucharist, prayer, talks and discussion.

De Colores (day co lor es) – means “of color” – an expression used to show joy and love and express the brightness of our lives when lived in God’s grace and love. Cursillistas often use De Colores when greeting one another to signify joy and encouragement.

Rector or Rectora – means “leader or head” – the Rector leads the team who present the talks and discussions on the Men’s Cursillo Weekend. The Rectora leads the team who present the talks and discussions on the Women’s Cursillo Weekend.

Rollo (roy o) – means “a talk” – a short presentation on some aspect of our Christian Faith given by priests, deacons and lay persons. On a Cursillo Weekend, there are 10 lay talks and 5 clergy talks which connect to demonstrate our relationship to God and one another and our place in the Catholic Church.

Small Group Reunion – means “small sharing group”– a weekly gathering of friends to share their relationship with God, their learning about Him and their efforts to spread His love to those they encounter in their daily lives.

Palanca (pa lank a) – means prayer and/or sacrifices offered by Cursillistas for the success of Cursillo Weekends, candidates spiritual growth, physical, emotional or spiritual healing or any other reason that we pray for one another as a community and as individuals.

Ultreya – (ull tray ya) – means “onward” – a monthly gathering of the small sharing groups to build community and encourage one another to persevere in spiritual growth and spreading the Gospel. All are welcome at Ultreya.