Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

Assessment in the early childhood Catholic school classrooms looks very different than assessment in the elementary, middle and upper grades. It involves multiple methods of collecting data typically on a one on one basis. Interviews, careful observation, anecdotal records and collections of work are fundamental to early childhood assessment.

Some essential elements of our early childhood assessment for children from Pre-kindergarten through grade 2 include:

based on research, child development, early learning standards and NYS standards – with a focus on the whole child-spiritual, social, emotional and cognitive;

age and linguistically appropriate in both content and method of data collection;

recognition that young children learn differently. The construct knowledge in experiential, interactive, concrete and hands on ways;

occurs within the context of each child’s daily experiences as he/she interacts with the educational environment.

In additional to daily regular and ongoing assessment which forms the instruction for the child, there is also a semester competency check for acquisition of content, skills and concepts required by the New York State standards in the areas of literacy and math. Schools currently choose from the following tools for that assessment:

Literacy – Literacy Profile – assesses reading fluency and comprehension

Fox in the Box – assesses all basic reading skills

Diebels- assesses basic reading skills Math – Fox in the Box Math – assesses all basic math skills