Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York




     IHC principal and vice principal  

Pictured (left to right): IHC Jr./Sr. High School Vice Principal John Montondo (Class of 1986) and School Principal Daniel Charlebois (Class of 1997)

Missert  Lucy Johnson

Peyton Mercer JOsephina Burgess Principal and students


Opening day at St. Agnes


Lake Placid St. Agnes 1  Lake Placid St. Agnes 2

Lake Placid St. Agnes 3  Lake Placid St. Agnes 4

Lake Placid St. Agnes 7  Lake Placid St. Agnes 5 Lake Placid St. Agnes 6


Opening day at Augustinian Academy

 Augustinian Academy 1  Augustinian Academy 4

Augustinian Academy 2  Augustinian Academy 4


Trinity Catholic School Retreat for 5th and 6th graders at Camp Guggenheim


  Trinity School Retreat 1  Trinity School Retreat 2


Trinity School Retreat 3  Fr. Stitt and Bishop LaValley