Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York



Mission Statement

Catholic Campus Ministry in the Diocese of Ogdensburg exists to serve the needs of the college and university communities within our Diocese.

Value Statement

  • We value the living presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharistic Community
  • We value the encounter of each student as a unique expression of the image and likeness of God.
  • We value seeking and supporting the development of each student to his/ her fullest potential, maturity and integrity.
  • We value encouraging each student’s response to God’s call in his/her life to fulfill his/her role in the mission of the Church as evangelizers

Vision Statement

  • To bring a fullness to the hopes and promises that were bestowed at Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.
  • To awaken to a deeper relationship with Jesus and a recognition of His presence in others.
  • To live one’s faith to the fullest in journeying toward a more mature commitment to it.
  • To create such powerful expression of God’s love and gifts to us that all are compelled to learn and live the Gospel.
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