Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

The purpose of the Council of Priests is:

1. To provide a forum for the full and free discussion of all issues of pastoral concern in the diocese.

2. To aid the diocesan bishop in the governance of the diocese according to the norm of law so that the pastoral welfare of the People of God committed to the bishop with the cooperation of the priests may be accomplished as effectively as possible.

3. To search for and to propose ways and means for effective pastoral ministry.

4. To be representative of all the priests of the diocese in their unity and diversity.

Council of Priests:
Elected Members:
Reverend John R. Yonkovig, V.F., Pastor from Adirondack, Essex and Hamilton-Herkimer
Reverend Mark R. Reilly, V.F., Pastor from St. Lawrence Deanery
Reverend John M. Demo, Pastor from Jefferson and Lewis Deaneries
Reverend Raymond J. Moreau, Pastor from Clinton and Franklin Deaneries
Reverend Scott A. Belina, Parochial Vicars
Reverend Monsignor C. John McAvoy, Retired Priests, Disabled Priests, Priests working outside of Diocese, and those on leaves of absence who enjoy the faculties of the Diocese
Reverend Garry B. Giroux, Priests in Diocesan Offices, educational fields and Correctional and Hospital facility chaplains

Appointed Members:
Reverend Jonas Tandayu, M.S.C.
Reverend Kevin J. O'Brien
Reverend Monsignor Robert H. Aucoin
Reverend Kris C. Lauzon
Reverend Christopher C. Carrara (Staff Liaison and Secretary)

Ex Officio Member:
Reverend Joseph A. Morgan, V.G.