Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

The Diocese rejoices that Bishop LaValley has called to the Order of Deacon the following candidates! Congratulations to these generous men and their wives for answering their call! Please join us for the ordination at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Ogdensburg, October 7th.

Current Candidates for Permanent Diaconate Ordination

Burns 2017Rich Burns

Charland 2017Brent Charland

Clark 2017Dave Clark

Crowley 2017Jim Crowley 

Demers 2017Dave Demers 

Fehlner 2017John Fehlner 

Foley 2017Tim Foley

Fuller 2017Neil Fuller

 Gingerich 2017Ron Gingerich

Haas 2017Nick Haas

Howley 2017Mike Howley

Morse 2017Larry Morse

O'Brien 2017Bill O'Brien

Regan 2017

Phil Regan

Smith 2017Randy Smith

Yousey 2017Tom Yousey


A permanent deacon is a man of faith and love, called by God to be an ordained minister of the Catholic Church. As the Greek word diakonos suggests, a deacon is a servant, assisting in the work of bringing God to His people through the proclamation of the Word, celebration of the Sacraments and service to others.

The Role of the Deacon can be traced to apostolic times. Among the first seven deacons was Saint Stephen. He was the first martyr to shed his blood as a witness to the faith in Jesus Christ the Lord.The deacon in the Catholic Church is a member of the hierarchy which is comprised of bishop, priest and deacon.

The deacon’s service to the people of God has three aspects of participation. In liturgical ministry he proclaims the Gospel and sometimes preaches. He imparts the solemn blessing with the Blessed Sacrament at Benediction. He may baptize, witness and bless marriages, preside at the Liturgy of the Hours and at wakes and grave site services.

In his ministry of charity the deacon is able to bring a unique sensitivity in ministering to the needs of families, single parents, students, the aged, the infirmed, the imprisoned, those who suffer from poverty or addictions and many other important services already existing or yet to be discovered.

All Christians are called to love and holiness but the deacon is one who, responding to the call of the Holy Spirit, is sent by the Church to bring Christ and His Good News to those in need.

Are you a man, thinking God might be calling you to the permanent diaconate? Would you like to have more information and meet some other deacons already ordained and working in this ministry? For Information on Deacon Formation click HERE